Add content

Content is added to a section by using different Content Types

  1. Select Create Content from the Actions dropdown menu beside the section you want to add content to
  2. If only one Content Type is enabled, this will open straight away. Alternatively you need to select the Content Type you want to use
  3. Enter a Name for the content. This will not be displayed on the published page, but simply act as a name within T4
  4. Add content to the relevant elements. The * next to the element indicates that the element is required. The 'i' next to the element gives you the details of the element; description and maximum size. Formatting may be necessary
  5. Preview your changes. The first time you use T4 to preview a page, you may need to deactivate the pop-up-blocker icon in your browser, often in the top right of your browser
  6. Click Save changes to save or Save and approve to publish