Add a table

Tables are sometimes used to arrange information to make it easier to read. Also consider alternatives such as a bulleted or numbered list, accordion, or tabs. Email the Web Team at for assistance with more complex content types.

  1. In the Main body, click Insert a table from the WYSIWYG editor. The Insert/Modify table window pops up.
  2. Complete the details as required in the following fields. Leave all of the other fields blank as these are determined by the CSS and changing them will make your table format incorrectly.
  3. Columns: Enter the number of columns required for the table.
  4. Rows: Enter the number of rows required for the table.
  5. Class: You must select the class table. This will ensure that you have a responsive table with the styled effects, hover etc.
  6. Make first row a header: As determined by the requirements of your data.
  7. Make first column a header: As determined by the requirements of your data.
  8. Click the Advanced tab.
  9. Enter a Summary to describe the primary purpose of the table and its overall structure. Most screen readers will read the summary first to provide the user with information to help them interpret and use the table. With more complex tables, the summary becomes increasingly important.
  10. Click Update to insert the table.
  11. Once the table is created you will notice that more options are available to you in the tool bar.
  12. Fill data into the table and merge the necessary cells for the title and description.
  13. Preview your content.
  14. Click Add or Save as Draft when complete.