Map point of interest

Use this content type to add a point of interest pin to a map. This displays a map pin and any relevant information, such as the name of the place, address and contact details. 

How to add a new map point of interest

  1. Select Add content.
  2. If only one Content Type is enabled, this will open straight away. Alternatively you need to select Code.
  3. Enter a Name for the Map point of interest. This will be displayed on the published page as the title of the map pin.
  4. Add a Description. Limited additional information that will fit on a map bubble. Usually this will be the address, contact information and a relevant website link.
  5. Add the Location. You can add this by moving the map pin to the right location, entering the GPS coordinates or adding an address.
  6. If relevant add an Image from the media library in landscape format only.
  7. Preview to make sure you are happy with the result.
  8. Click Add to save.

How to add a map of an existing campus building

  1. Hover over the yellow arrow to the right of the section you want to add the map to eg, a Contact Us page.
  2. Select Add section.
  3. On the General tab, enter Map pins as the Name for the new section.
  4. Untick Show in navigation?
  5. Click Add to save.
  6. If there are other subsections, move the Map pins section to the bottom by going to the Subsections tab and using the Move arrows.
  7. Locate Campus maps in the site structure and expand it to show Buildings.
  8. Hover over the yellow arrow to the right of Buildings, select Modify section, go to the Content tab and scroll down to the name of the building you want.
  9. Hover over the yellow arrow to the right of the building name.
  10. Select Mirror from the dropdown menu. Mirroring copies the map but ensures any changes to the original will be reflected on individual maps/pages.
  11. The site structure will display so you can choose where to mirror the map. Select the new Map pins subsection you created.
  12. Preview to make sure you are happy with the result.
  13. Click Add to save.