Use the document content type when you want to add a document with a thumbnail image. Site Manager automatically creates the thumbnail image, but you can also upload one. The thumbnail must be resized before you upload it so it is 100px wide otherwise it will display incorrectly.

You can use the document content type across most document filetypes, for example PDF, DOC and XLS. File size is created and applied automatically.

Note: Save any Word documents as a PDF before uploading them so users can’t change the document. 

You can use any document that is already in the media library. If a document that you want to use is not already in the media library, you will need to add it to as described in Manage the media library.

How to add a document

  1. Select Add content.
  2. If only one Content Type is enabled, this will open straight away. Alternatively you need to select Document.
  3. Enter a Name for the Document. This will be displayed on the published page.
  4. Add the document File from the media library. You will need to add the document to the media library if it is not already there.
  5. Add the Number of pages the document has so users have an idea of how large the document is.
  6. Preview to make sure you are happy with the result.
  7. Click Add to save.