T4 User roles

There are four different user roles in T4, each offering varied level of permissions and features.

Contributors CAN

  • Add, modify, move, mirror, duplicate and delete content
  • Set the publish and review dates for content
  • View the history and versions of content
  • Add images and documents to the Media Library
  • Add and modify a limited number of content types depending on group

Contributors CANNOT

  • Approve or publish content
  • Create or edit sections

Moderators are able to do everything a Contributor can do with the addition of

  • Add/edit/modify/move/reorder/mirror/duplicate/preview/delete/approve/publish sections/folders AND
  • Approve content

They can also review content created/edited by contributors and either

  1. Approve it and make it live on the website
  2. Edit the content and make it live or
  3. Reject the changes to the content

The Administrator role is the highest level of access, which is only be available to the Web Team. In addition to all of the roles of a contributor and moderator, administrators can:

  • create, modify and publish channels
  • create and modify content types, lists and navigation
  • create and modify workflows
  • create reports
  • assign access control
  • configure the system
  • create and modify widgets
  • import/export data
  • map metadata

Events Contributors can ONLY add events to the system. They do not have access to do anything else in T4.