Content approval process

All content goes through an approval cycle, at which point dedicated approvers review the content. Approvers are generally the Moderators for that section.

Once content has been approved, it is ready to "go live". This happens in the publishing process which runs approximately every 30 minutes.

Depending on the time your content has been approved you should see the change within the next hour.

Contributor created content approval process

Contributors cannot approve content. If you are a contributor you can create or make changes to existing content. However your changes won’t go live until a moderator has approved the content.

As a contributor, the dropdown arrow next to Update gives you two options:

  • Save as draft will not trigger anything, it will save a draft that you can go back to and edit later.
  • Update will trigger an email to the person that is registered as your approver so they can approve your changes.

If you need to know who the Moderators are for the section you are trying to change is, please email

Moderator created content approval process

Moderators can add and approve content. If you are a moderator for the section (previously known in Dreamweaver as page) you are making changes on, you do not need to have someone else approve content. There are two ways of approving.

Approve via the Approval List Widget

The Approval List Widget appears on the right hand side of your screen when you first logged into T4. It lists all the content that are pending and need to be approved. Click on the content you want to approve to see its details then click on the Approve or Reject button.

Approve via the Content dropdown

  1. To approve content, go to Content and select Approve content.
  2. The Pending tab will contain a list of content you can approve.
  3. Click on the name of the content to check its details.
  4. You can hover your mouse over the section details to see the exact path to the content.
  5. You can sort by name, priority or last modified.
  6. Approve or Reject the content
  7. Once content has been approved, it will disappear from the main list.
  8. In the site structure, the approved content appears in the green column under the traffic lights.

System administrator created content approval process

Approve via the Update button

As an administrator, the dropdown arrow next to Update gives you three options:

  • Save as draft: adds the content as Draft. Does not appear in the approval queue, it will save a draft that you can go back to and edit later with no risk of being published. 
  • Update and approve will accept the changes and content and you will see the changes within 30 minutes on the website.
  • Publish now is for instant publishing requests and should only be used for emergencies or events where it is necessary that the changes on the website are reflected immediately