Jumpstart | Desk to 5km

Walking Programme

Beginners Walking Programme 

Jumpstart is a six week walking programme that will take you from zero exercise, to walking 5km - safely and comfortably.  You  don't need to join the gym, or even set foot in it.  The whole thing is done whereever you like to walk!  

Why walk?

  • Safe on joints and heart 
  • Assists with improving mood, mental health, managing stress levels and blood pressure 
  • Free and accessible, anywhere, anytime, best done with friends, family or colleagues 

Why the Jumpstart Programme?

As with any exercise programme, we should build up our distances and intensity slowly.  Overloading too quickly can lead to injuries, fatigue and generally be demotivating.   The Jumpstart programme has been designed to give you the best chance of success. 

What is the Jumpstart Programme?

A six week prescribed programme that will progressively build you stamina (both muscles and heart, to take you from zero to walking 5km, comfortably and safely.

  • Short daily walking targets
  • Simple, entry level conditioning exercises to strengthen your body (making you a better walker!)
  • Simple stretching exercises to keep you mobile
  • Tips and hacks to help keep you injury and pain free, focusing on foot and back health

And our promise to you – absolutely no burpees!   Yaaas!

 Flexible and Free

  • You can join in the programme anytime that suits you, and you can do the mahi anytime that works.
  • Your first walk is just 10mins, and your last around 60mins.
  • Each day is prescribed, just follow the programme, including any recommended conditioning and stretching
  • You can split up the walking from the conditioning/stretching, but do try to keep the walking times intact 

 Support & Guidance

  • Once you’ve joined the programme, you’ll be assigned a UC Rec&Sport trainer (all qualified and experienced)
  • Our trainer will make contact with you within a week to check that you’ve got everything you need and answer any questions you may have
  • You can communicate with your trainer via the app throughout the programme. Please be aware that our trainers sometimes only work once a week, so the response may take a bit longer.  However, if your question is urgent, please contact gary.gin@canterbury.ac.nz
  • If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor or mention this to your trainer at your first chat session, prior to starting the programme.

 How do I join?

  • There is absolutely no cost to join the programme
  • Just download the Rec & Sport app, and select the Jumpstart programme from the Featured programmes selection.
  • This will become your programme to follow for the next six weeks.
  • You don’t need to be a member of the UC RecCentre, but if you are, you will have uninterrupted access to the programme

*Once you make your profile there will be a slight delay (1-3 days) before the app will let you add the program to your profile. There will be a red button which will say "Get this training program". Please be paitent and check back regularly.