Rec & Sport Challenges

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Need some goals to be set in front of you? Need extra motivation? Look no further than the UC Rec & Sport Challenges. Here we will set a task for you to accompish and earn your way through the weeks.

We have everything you need below. Choose from the list of challenges you can engage with in our UC rec & Sport App.

Current Challenges

Prizes that you could win!

  • Discount vouchers
  • Free class passes
  • Concession passes
  • PT sessions
  • TrainMe (SteerMe) Programmes
  • Body Scans
  • Clothing (hoodies, t- shirts, etc)
  • Drink Bottles
  • Towel hire
  • Stamps towards the group fitness challenge
  • and MORE....!


Guidelines and Rules of the challenges:

  • Only content (workouts, classes, or MOVEs) that are recorded for the challenges are those that are recorded through the
  • Workouts includes WODs & WOWs and personal workouts that have been recorded
  • For classes, it is only the ones on the GF Timetable (Live Classes) and those that the member has recorded as an activity
  • MOVEs are the points that are recorded through the UC Rec & Sport app
  • UC Rec & Sport have full discretion on the contents awarded and recorded (no cheating as we will know!)
  • This is for fun, so don't go too crazy please