Floorball / Uni Hoc (NEW)


  • 5 players/side (4 court players and 1 goalkeeper)
  • 1 female player/side on court at all times
  • Teams must wear matching bibs (supplied by UC sport)
  • Teams may register an unlimited number of players, only registered players are permitted to participate.



  • 12 minute halves, 2 minute half time (30 minute turn around time)
  • Running clock games
  • Teams must be ready before the start of their game.


Normal IFF Floorball rules apply.

  • Substitutions -Unlimited rolling substitutions.
  • No outs unless ball hits wall at high level
  • Play continues behind the goal x no offside and goals can be scored from anywhere

Dangerous play as outlined below is prohibited:

  • NO stopping the ball with your hand or head
  • NO touching the ball with the stick if it is above knee level
  • NO form of pushing or physically tacking the body of a player
  • NO playing on the ground
  • NO tacking through the legs
  • NO jumping and play at the same time
  • NO hitting or lifting of an opponent’s stick


  • Thursday afternoon 2pm-5pm
  • Breaks for University holidays
  • Draws and other information about the competition will be posted and on UC Social Competitions Facebook Page.


UC RecCentre Sports Hall