This is host by an external party that is not associated with UC Rec & Sport


  • Minimum: 5 players; Maximum: 9 players
  • Must present student ID for registration

Choose from 2 divisions: Division 1 or 2

  • Division 1: The top team from each University or Tertiary institution entered in UTSNZ Esports League. Only one team from each institution may enter division 1.
  • Division 2: Open division, for all other teams to enter that are not included in division 1. Can be made up of team mates from other University or Tertiary institution.



  • All matches must start at the allotted start time given to each team.
  • Teams and officials fall under Riot games Summoner’s code and Victory Up’s code of Teams must also abide by its own school codes of conduct and rules.
  • Round Robin: League of Legends; Rocket League
  • Single Elimination: NBA2K; FIFA; Team fight tactics; Legends of Runeterra


  • Starts: 12st July
  • Final: 4st Octorber
  • 10-12 weeks
  • Round Robin game
    • League of Legends: Wednesday 7:30pm
    • Rocket League: Thursday 7:30pm
  • Single Elimination game: TBA
  • The draw for Division 1 will be released prior to the competition beginning. Each team will play one game per week unless told otherwise; The draw for Division 2 will be released weekly.


  • League of Legends: the Victory Up platform – (All participants will be required to sign on the Victory up website).
  • Rocket League: choose either Cross-platform including PS4, Xbox one, and Stream; or Epic Game:


  • League of Legends/Valorant/Rocket League: $175/team including Subs
  • NBA2K, FIFA, Legedends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics: $20/student

Paid to external company, not UC Rec & Sport