Rec LITE - your summer fitness solution!

  • The RecCentre is now closed, but you can still stay active with our Rec LITE programme over summer
  • Four locations:  Jack Mann @ Dovedale Campus, ED15 Block 1 @ Dovedale Campus (Wairarapa Building), K1 Athlete Training Facility @ Ilam Campus, & Haere-roa | UCSA @ Ilam Campus 
  • Download a printable map or view the interactive online map 
  • RecLITE will run until we reopen the RecCentre, early Feb 2022
  • IMPORTANT - visit our COVID-19 Response page, for information on operations at Orange Level - we are operating WITH vaccination certificates
Map of where the Rec & Sport team relocates in 2021

What is Rec LITE?

  • A reduced in size service over summer, while we get some work done on the RecCentre 
  • FREE for existing members 
  • New members welcome - RecLITE membership available. please see below for more info 
  • Last updated 16 November, 2021 


Service Updates

Jack Mann Auditorium @ Dovedale 

GYM OPEN FROM WEDNESDAY 17th NOVEMBER, 2021 - no booking required

Day Hours 
Monday - Thursday  6am - 8pm 
Friday  6am - 7pm 
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 1pm 


K1 Athlete Training Centre NOW OPEN - BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL via APP 

Day Hours 
Monday - Thursday  6am - 9pm 
Friday  6am - 5pm 
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 1pm 


Existing Members 

  • If you hold an active full or off-peak membership with us on the 14th November 2021,  we will extend your membership by 3months, to cover the full time period we are closed (so essentially, it's the same as putting your membership on hold) 
  • During the RecLITE period, you are welcome to make use of all the Rec LITE service and facilities FREE  
  • Some fees apply for additional services (eg Spin, FIT50, BCS, Social Sport Leagues, Fitness Consults, SGT as and when offered) 

New Members - RecLITE Memberships 

  • New members welcome, and we will sell RecLITE memberships only from Monday 15th November, 2022
  • All RecLITE memberships will be expire on 6th February 2022 only.   
  • All RecLITE memberships will be $75, reducing pro-rata as we make our way through summer.
  • A one-off new card fee of $20 applies (exemption for UC Staff - we use your existing staff card)
  • No further discounts apply - not available in conjunction with any other discount, offer, or membership type 
  • Full price, regular RecCentre memberships will not be available for sale during RecLITE period 

Casual Fees 

  • A casual class or gym visit (at Jack Mann only) will cost $5 (bookings required for classes, not required for functional training space)
  • Please contact us for more information on how to book for a casual class  
  • Entry concession cards not available for purchase or use 
  • No casual visits permitted at K1 Athlete Training Facility (membership & bookings required) 


Bookings Required 

  • Download the Rec&Sport app 
  • Head to Class Timetable and select your timeslot 
  • Timeslots are allocated on the hour
  • You should aim to arrive as close to the hour as possible, and to manage capacity and maximise opportunity for everyone, try to keep your workout under 90mins
  • There are still COVID capacity limits & guidelines of use to follow - so if we are full, we may not be able to admit you if people haven't finished up or have arrived late 
  • For those reasons, we would appreciate your co-operation by completing your workout quickly and avoid lingering in the gym once you've finished (there is a waiting area outside K1 should you need it) 
  • Please ask for help!   K1 will be fully supervised by both our Fitness Team and S&C team.  Not all equipment you're used to will be available, so let us help you improvise! 
  • No walk-ins, BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL and for members only 

What is K1 Athlete Training Facility?

  • K1 is a High Performance Training Facility, located adjacent to K1 Lecture Theatre
  • Ordinarily, we operate the UC Sport Academy after hours, whilst CoEHHD teach Sport Coaching classes during the day

Equipment Available

  • Squat racks (5) 
  • Lifting Platforms (5)
  • Dumbells 1 - 60kg 
  • Adjustable benches (5)
  • Adjustable decline bench (1)
  • Horrizontal row bench (1)
  • Bench press (1)
  • Cable Machine (1)
  • Strength bags, Kettlebells,  YBells & Med balls
  • Foam rollers and exercise mats
  • Treadmill (1)
  • Ski Erg (1)
  • Rowers (2)
  • Watt Bikes (2)
  • Recumbent bike (1)
  • Ladders and hurdles 



  • Simply arrive in our opening hours and workout 
  • A range of functional training equipment will be available
  • Capacity is driven by COVID requirements (2m spacing) 
  • Fully supervised by our Fitness & Customer Experience Team 


 Drama Workshop 1Drama Workshop 2Theatre StageTheatre Floor Lawn 
Primary Use  Free Weights & Functional Training Body Weight Exercise & Classes; Step, Strong, Zumba, HIIT   Spin  Pilates, Yoga , BAT, Pump HIIT 
Secondary Use  n/a  Free weight training using accessories
and GF equipment, stretching (like FUN Zone)
Solo spin cardio Stretching or personal yoga (like Zen Zone) Casual Lawn sports for fun 
Equipment (subject to change)

• Small cable machine 
• Dumbells 1-50kg 
• Fixed Barbells 
• Y-Bells 
• Med Balls 
• Strength Bags 
• Kettlebells 
• Skipping Ropes 
• Foam Rollers
• Yoga blocks 
• Resistance Bands 
• Exercise Mats 
•Adjustable benches (4) 
• Spin & assault bikes 
• Skillrow 

• Steps (22) 
• Jump Boxes (set of 4)
• Assault Bikes (4) 
• Pump Sets (5) 
• Skipping ropes  
• Studio Mats  
• Y-Bells 
• Kettle Bells 
• Med Balls 
• Strength Bags 
• Resistance Bands 
• Foam Rollers 
• Yoga Blocks 
• Ab Rollers
• Spin Bikes  • Pump Sets (25) 
• Steps (25) 
• Dyna bands 
• Studio Mats 
• Yoga Mats (covid L1) 

• Volleyball Net 
• Badminton Net 


Please note:

  • No booking required for workouts in Jack Mann spaces
  • But you will still need to book your spot for group fitness classes
  • While a class is in progress (primary use), other activities are not allowed for H&S reasons 

What's missing? 

  • Olympic lifting bars (head to K1 instead) 
  • Large cables (not available in any space) 
  • Pin and plate loaded machine weights (not available in any space)

Need help with exercise programming? 

  • Hit up one of our instructors on the gym floor for alternatives to your existing programme OR
  • Book in for an Exercise Consult (available in both spaces) 



  • Download the Rec&Sport App 
  • Same as you always do! 
  • These spaces are smaller, so we really NEED your help by cancelling any class you can't make, so others can take your place.  


Timetable for Rec LITE 

  • Timetable viewable online, or book now via the app
  • Jack Mann Theatre & Drama Workshop, Solway Ave, Carpark 1
  • ED15 Block 1, Wairarapa Building, Solway Ave, Carpark 1 (stone's throw from Jack Mann) 
  • K1 - FIT50 (crossfit style)
  • Class sizes restricted due to COVID capacities (2m distance)


K1 Athlete Training Centre 

  • Portacom Toilet block (gender neutral) located immediately outside entrance to K1 
  • No showers available 
  • Accessible toilet in K1 building 
  • Best parking Kirkwood Ave - same as the RecCentre! (usual UC Parking rules apply)
  • Bike stands available 

Jack Mann Auditorium 

  • Male and Female Toilet blocks 
  • No showers available 
  • Accessible toilet 
  • Changing rooms available at rear of stage in theatre 
  • Best parking, Solway Ave, Carpark 1 (usual UC Parking rules apply)
  • Bike stands available

Haere-roa | UCSA 

  • No showers available 
  • Accessible and gender neutral toilets available 
  • Best parking, 290 Ilam Road carpark 
  • Bike stands available 

Social Leagues 

  • No indoor court space is available during our closure 
  • Tennis & Volleyball on offer, plus a Run Canterbury programme  
  • Email for more info.  Entries close Thursday 18th November. 

Equipment Hire 

  • We'll have a limited range of hire equipment for outdoor use (eg Frisbee golf) 
  • No towel hire is available - please bring your own or we will have some available for purchase 


  • Keep an eye on our facebook page for activations on campus - pop up Volleyball on the lawn, cornhole, petanque and more! 


  • BCS (K1) 
  • Lactate Testing (advanced testing services in lab at K1) 


  • 30-min sessions available for personal programmes or personal training
  • Bookings & payment via our customer experience team (both sites)
  • Bookings not available yet, coming soon!  (Check back Tuesday 23rd November for more info)  

Download now!

  • It is vital that you download the UC Rec&Sport app
  • Please ensure you use the email you signed up for your membership account with
  • Your new app account can take up to 24hours to connect to your RecCentre account 
  • You can only start to make bookings (or assign yourself a workout) once this connection is completed.
  • If it hasn't happened, you'll get a message telling you 'your membership doesn't allow you to do this' , try again later.
  • If you are still getting this message 24hours later, give us a call. 

 Why get the app?

  • Bookings are essential for Group Fitness Classes, and for K1 gym bookings  See more info here 
  • Assign yourself a workout, or try out constantly changing workouts of the day and week 
  • Easy links to our YouTube page for recorded classes
  • If your phone does not support the app, please contact or phone 369 2433 and one of our Customer Experience team will assist you to make a booking over the phone OR you can book via the timetable website 

For more information

If you would like more information or have any questions or feedback, please email the Rec & Sport Manager.