Gym and Exercise Programmes on sale for a limited time!

16 July 2020

Time is precious, so why not get one of our expert trainers to write you an exercise programme to save you time in the gym, and help you hit your goals? Sale starts Monday 20th July, 2020, with the purchase period limited to just two weeks!

  • Trainer assisting female client on leg press

    Get some personalised attention and a specific gym programme that's safe, and made just for you. You'll reach your goals faster and have loads more free time to balance your life.

  • Do you wander aimlessly around the gym not knowing what to do? 
  • Have you given this gym thing a go, but weren't sure if you were doing it right, so never went back?
  • Did you injure yourself at the gym, so you're now a bit unsure whether to go back? 
  • Do you have a fair idea of what to do, but want to make sure you're getting the most of your gym time? 
  • Do you 'know' what you're doing, but want some more advanced training techniques to try?

If you answered YES to any of these, then we may have a solution for you!

Steer Me - your personalised gym or exercise programme

  • Chat one-on-one with our fitness consultants about your needs 
  • You'll get a gym programme and exercise advice to help you meet those needs 
  • You'll be shown through your programme in the gym and helped with your technique 
  • You'll also be shown through the app, where you can retrieve your programme anytime, anywhere!
  • Never be lost and confused in the gym again! 

On sale for a limited time! 

  • On sale from Monday 20th July until Sunday 2nd August 2020 (two weeks only), just $10 for students, and $20 for non-students 
  • Normally $20 for UC Students, and $35 for all other members
  • Programme must be booked and redeemed within 3months of purchase

Don't delay!  Take advantage of this great deal and get your health & wellness in check! 


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