New to UC Students - avoid the queues and grab your 2020 gym membership online!

08 February 2019

If you're new to UC you can avoid make your gym sign up process super simple by creating your gym account online, and avoid queues at reception.

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If you're new to UC this year, once you've paid your student levy and acquired your slick new UC Student ID Card, head to our website and and follow the instructions for new students.     Once you've created your UC RecCentre account, our little bots do the hard work behind the scenes, and presto, you'll have your brand new membership all ready to go. 

With several thousand of you, we hope you understand that this can still take the bots a bit of time!  We recommend you sign up at least 24hours before you plan to come.  That way, when you arrive, you'll simply scan your UC Card at our desk and walk through and get gymming!  

Don't worry though, if you want to come sooner, please do.  Just remember that your card might not work straightaway, so you'll just need to wait for a Customer Experience representative to help you.  Your RecCentre membership is funded by your student levy, so come check out what we offer.  We're confident you'll find something you enjoy to raise your wellbeing through the roof, and support success in your 2020 study. 

If you have any queries or issues, please speak to one of our CER's, or email our CE Co-ordinator. 

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Renew your RecCentre Membership for 2020 online

Great news for returning UC Students! We've caught up with the times, and resigning just got easier - you don't have to do a thing!