Getting started at the gym

03 October 2017

Are you a little overwhelmed and unsure what to do at the gym? Or would you like a little extra motivation and push at your sessions?

  • Student being shown good technique on assisted chin up

Starting your fitness journey can be a little overwhelming at first.  We all begin somewhere, so consider a StartME session with a UC RecCentre Fitness Consultant to help demystify the gym.  They're free to all members, and will provide you with a simple standardised training programme to orient you to the gym.

The next level are TrainME packages.  These attract a small cost, and are great if you want a programme written especially for you.  Perhaps you have a specific event or sport to train for, or want to really focus on your health, fitness and weight management goals?  Getting tailored advice can be the fast track to save you precious time!