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Leg press

01 July 2022

Looking to get yourself sorted, both physically and mentally? We can help with that. Let us help you plan your exercise, to reach your goals.

For Sale

26 April 2022

Items and Equipment Currently Available For Sale

yoga class at reccentre

08 April 2022

Rec&Sport are back home in the RecCentre! To celebrate our homecoming and welcome UC staff back, we've got a fabulous gym special to help you be your most fabulous you!

Gym towel and bottle on bench

21 February 2022

We're changing how we clean the gym, moving from spray and cloths to disposable wipes. A few of our members have asked why, so we're here to tell you. It comes down to the environment, our collective health and fiscal responsibility.

Fitness Consultant Showing Member treadmill

19 January 2022

Time is precious, why waste a single second of it training at the gym IF what you're doing at the gym, isn't going to help you reach your goals? Get a personalised exercise programme that fits your lifestyle AND helps you reach your goals faster.