What's On at Rec&Sport!

Map of where the Rec & Sport team relocates in 2021


Temporary Rec & Sport facilities available while the RecCentre is refurbished


Fitness Consultant Showing Member treadmill

19 January 2022

Time is precious, why waste a single second of it training at the gym IF what you're doing at the gym, isn't going to help you reach your goals? Get a personalised exercise programme that fits your lifestyle AND helps you reach your goals faster.

Closed for Construction

15 November 2021

We're getting a little spruce up...which means we will be closing the RecCentre at Kirkwood Ave for 3months from 15th November. Never fear...RecLITE is here! We'll be offering up your faves in new locations on campus over the summer months.

For Sale

24 May 2021

Items and Equipment Currently Available For Sale