UC Student Memberships

Create a RecCentre Account

If you are a UC Student:

Step 1:   Pay your student levy (with your fees)
Step 2:   Collect your UC Student ID Card (this becomes your gym card)
Step 3:   Register for your gym membership 

  • Click [REGISTER HERE] above and submit your UC Student Email. (non-student email addresses will not work.
  • Check your student email account for the confirmation email. You must click the [ACCEPT] button in the email for our system to setup your student gym membership and account.

 Step 4:  Download the Rec&Sport app - MyWellness account 

  • Download the Rec&Sport app (it's different to UCGo)
  • You'll need this to book classes, get programmes, book consults and access on demand and livestream.


As a UC Student, your student levy funds a RecCentre membership for you to use to stay healthy and active while studying.

Things to know:

  • Processing is almost instant but may take up to 30-minutes in peak enrollment times.
  • We highly recommend you register for your membership Before coming to the gym, as we have limited kiosks available to use at the gym for signing up.
  • Please be aware during the months of February and March, your wait could be up to 20mins.  We thank you for your patience and understanding with our staff. 

Error Messages you may receive:

  • [If you are not eligible]   it's most likely because you haven't paid your student levy fees or are not 100% enrolled yet. Please do this first then try again. If you feel you should be eligible, please contact us via email, phone or in person.
  • [Registration already queued]   you've submitted your email address too many times. Check your email account for the confirmation email.
  • [Identified as already being a member]   you already have a member account with UC Rec & Sport, log into the Client Portal to access your account.

Wait... before you come to the gym

You must bring a workout towel and your ID card with you every time.

There are some rules and courtesies you need to know before you come to the gym. We recommend reading up on our rules and gym etiquette to familiarise yourself with these before your first visit, so you're not caught out.

10 Simple rules and gym etiquette you need to know