UC Student RecCentre Memberships

Student membership signup URC

You've paid for it, now let's get you started!

As a UC Student, your student levy funds a RecCentre membership for you to use to stay healthy and active while studying. 

If you've been a UC Student member with us before:

Step 1 - Pay your UC Student levy before Feb 28, 2020

Step 2 - Come to the gym and keep working out.   Our system will be monitoring payments and when you re-enrol and pay your student levy, they'll connect the dots and register you for the gym again. Your terms and conditions will not change from the original ones you've signed. 

If you don't wish to renew your membership, please email us on reccentre@canterbury.ac.nz.  Please note that you are not entitled to a refund on your student levy, we will just remove you from our database.    We recommend remaining enrolled, because well, it's already paid for, and FOMO.


If you're new to UC, and/or haven't been a member with us before:

Step 1:  Pay your UC Student levy

Step 2:  Collect your UC Student ID Card (this becomes your gym membership card too) 

Step 3:  Using your username and password, head to our website and create your UC RecCentre Account

Step 4: Once you've created your account, continue to follow the prompts and register for your UC RecCentre membership.  

Step 5:  Come to gym and start working out!   The system will be extremely busy processing thousands of memberships (literally), so we recommend signing up asap.  If your card doesn't work ony our first visit, it may be that the system hasn't processed yours yet OR you've missed step 4!   Stop at our reception desk and one of our Customer Experience Representatives will assist you, so you can get started.   


Using the gym

Please bring your student ID card to gain entry every visit.  We have thousands of members, and you'll experience less queues if you bring your card and scan in, rather than waiting for our Customer Experience Team to assist you. 

If you forget your card, our policy is to charge a casual entry fee of $13, which is fully refunded when you come back in with your membership card within 7 days.   We'll give you two 'get out jail free cards' per semester first though. 


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