Membership on hold and cancellation

Sometimes members ask to put their membership on hold or to get out of their contract early.

Our Terms of Use form part of your contract and provide the guidelines to your entitlements. When you sign your membership form or agree to the T&C's for online memberships, you are agreeing to these terms. We use these terms to make decisions on requests for early cancellation or to put memberships on hold.

Memberships on hold

  • Staff, affiliate, alumni and community members with 6 and/or 12-month memberships are eligible to apply
  • Salary deduction memberships cannot be placed on hold. Please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator to discuss your options.
  • Minimum period to go on hold is 1 month
  • Maximum period to go on hold is 3 months
  • Maximum of two 'holds' in any 12-month period

For the full terms and conditions of your membership contract, please see your copy of your contract or view the Terms of Use PDF above, specifically section 5.


  1. Bring your membership card to reception and ask to place your membership on hold
  2. You will be asked to fill in a Membership on Hold form
  3. You will be given the top copy of this form - please hold onto this
  4. When you are ready to start your membership again, come back to the reception desk and bring that top copy with you.

If you cannot make it into the RecCentre in person, please email our Customer Experience Coordinator. We will contact you and make arrangements to suit your situation.

Cancellation of membership

  • Staff, affiliate, alumni, non-UC student, and community members may apply to terminate memberships early.
  • To apply, please address an email to the Customer Experience Coordinator outlining your reason to request cancellation, proposed end date. You may be asked to provide evidence as necessary to support your application (eg job offer, surgeon/doctor certificate).
  • Any refund granted is calculated pro-rata for term already used, and an administration fee of $30 is deducted off the final amount, should your request be approved.

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