UC Student RecCentre Memberships

Student membership signup URC

You've paid for it... now use it! 

As a UC Student, your student levy funds a RecCentre membership for you to use to stay healthy and active while studying. 

 Returning StudentNew Student
Step 1.
RecCentre Account
Log into your existing RecCentre Account 

Create a RecCentre Account - use your student email and password.

Step 2.

"Purchase" your annual membership. 

"Purchase" your annual membership
Step 3.
We'll activate your Student ID card at your next visit.  We'll activate your Student ID card and take a photo of you during your first visit to the RecCentre. 
Step 4.
Using the RecCentre
Please bring your physical Student ID card every entry.  Photocopies, apps or photographs will not be accepted as valid ID.    
If you get a replacement ID card from Security, you will need to see reception to update your access.  Your new card won't work until you do.   Once we've updated it, your old card will cease to work.    

Cost: Your membership is included in your student levy! There is no extra cost for your membership. 

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