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The best project you'll ever work on is YOU! 

Do you want to:

  • feel healthier and less stressed?
  • increase your energy levels and sleep better?
  • reduce pain, stiffness or discomfort?
  • improve your overall sense of wellbeing?
  • improve your physical body by losing weight, getting fitter, stronger or toning up?
  • train smarter for your sport or event? 

We can help!

We offer a range of budget friendly services to reach your goals, all while saving precious hours in the gym that you can redirect to study, working and having a social life!   Check out the options below, talk to one of our Customer Experience team or see our TrainMe Brochure 2020 for more information.

Choose your level

Personal training

The RecCentre has a range of authorised, experienced Personal Trainers who operate independently of the RecCentre. Prices vary.

A personal trainer is ideal if you need a little bit more experience to guide you and/or need more flexibility in the times available to train. Get more information about our personal training services.

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