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More of a visual learner? 

How to book (all classes)

  • Open your Rec&Sport app, and select the class timetable tile 
  • Select the day and timelsot you'd like 
  • Select the 'book' button.  You're in. You can choose to add it to your calendar so you dont' forget. 
  • Zone classes (Spin, Fit50) just the same, but pay for your class at reception to collect your token.

How to cancel (all classes) 

  • Open your app, head to the class, and select 'delete booking', up to 30mins prior to class start time 
  • It really helps others if you cancel as soon as you know you've changed your mind! 

Are there penalties if I don't turn up without cancelling

  • YES!  We have limited spaces, so we need your help to make sure everyone has a fair chance at working out. 
  • If you fail to turn up, or you are late, you will receive one strike.  
  • If you reach 3 strikes, you can still come to the gym, but you will lose the privelege of booking via the app for a short time (2 weeks) 

What's a waitlist?

  • If the class is full, youcan pop yourself on the waitlist
  • If someone cancels, you will get a notification (if you've turned these on) when a space becomes available
  • Fastest finger wins!  Your position in the waitlist doesn't mean anything for this purpose.  So, it's worth putting yourself on the waitlist. 

What are the booking rules?

  • There is no limit on the number of classes you can book a day, or how many you can make at one time. 
  • You can cancel up to  30mins before class start time.
  • Capacity is listed in the app for each class. These are based on equipment, space and comfort for users
  • Classes are released 5 days in advance. 

Can I turn up for a class without booking?

  • Yes, BUT you won't be guaranteed a spot.
  • Our instructors can book you into the class, and then check you off, but if the class is full you may be turned away
  • We'd suggest checking your app right before class, and booking yourself in at the last minute, if that's more your style.   That way, it won't be a wasted trip!  
  • Remember, we do have some no-shows, so even if the app says the class is full, it might be worth trying your luck.


  • You can choose which notifications to receive, and how you'd like to receive them
  • We'd recommend turning on push notifications for classes - you'll be reminded of your upcoming class, and if a space is available for a waitlisted class


Check the timetable

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