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App based booking is now a thing!

  • Thankyou to our members who responded to our survey or provided feedback by email or in person 
  • As a result, we will keep the booking system for ALL group fitness classes, as part of our regular service

How to book

  • Open your Rec&Sport app, and select the class timetable tile 
  • Select the day and timelsot you'd like (it will show you how many spaces are available)
  • Select the 'book' button.  You're in. You can choose to add it to your calendar so you dont' forget. 
  • Sessions are being made available to book 5 days in advance.  
  • When you arrive, please see the instructor (or their helper) and make sure you have been "checked-in".
  • Try not to be late.  It is discourteous to other participants and the instructor, plus you miss out on pre-class briefing and banter 
  • If you are unavoidably late, just make sure you see the instructor before you leave, so we can check you in (and avoid a strike!)
  • If you can no longer make it, go into the app and delete your booking as soon as you know 

Are there penalties if I don't turn up without cancelling

  • YES!  We have limited spaces, so we need your help to make sure everyone has a fair chance at working out. 
  • If you fail to turn up, or you are late, you will receive one strike.  
  • If you reach 3 strikes, we will block your ability to make future bookings for 2 weeks. 
  • You can still come to the gym, but you would lose the privelege of booking via the app. 

Here are the changes that will provide more flexiblity, but keep the benefits of booking:

  • No limit on the number of classes you can book a day 
  • No limit on how many bookings you can make
  • You can cancel almost right up to start time (15mins beforehand)
  • Capacity is lifted in all classes, back to normal levels.  We've reduced some, based on feedback they were considered too full before
  • Casuals can be booked in by our group fitness team on arrival

This means:

  • If you don't want to commit to a class, you can check the app right before you need to make that decision, and see how full it is.  If the class is full then you've just saved yourself a trip.  If it's got space, just book yourself in and walk over. 
  • Our instructors can book you into the class, and then check you off, but if the class is full you may be turned away
  • You have to option to commit to a class, and plan your week/day, but if stuff comes up, you can cancel with no penalty up to 15mins prior.  Easy. 

Zone Classes (Spin, Fit50)

  • Book via the app, just the same 
  • Pay for your class at reception, just the same, collecting your token and towel
  • Get checked-in at your class by the instructor, just the same 

All other classes (Gymnasium and Sportshall) 

  • Book via the app, just the same 
  • Arrive at class and take a spot (no floor markings, but for comfort, try to keep a nice distance)
  • The instructor (or helper!) will come round and check you in before class 
  • If you're unavoidably late, make sure you see the instructor after class, and they will check you in.
  • Remember - 5pm and 6pm classes are VERY popular.  Arrive early and book ahead so you don't miss out!  


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