Learn to Swim 

Swim Starter

Do you want to learn to swim?  

You can!  Christchurch City Council has excellent swimming facilities around the city, and you can access free swimming lessons simply by purchasing a discounted pools membership with them. 

How does it work? 

  • CCC offer a free adult swimsmart program, offered at all CCC pool facilities, so please check their timetables for session locations and times.
  • Register with us below, and we'll flick you a reply email to confirm you are a current UC Staff member or UC Student
  • This will get you a further 20% off the membership of your choice (pools, gym or multi) 
  • Once you've got your membership, you simply sign up for the lessons you want
  • UC Rec&Sport has no further involvement in this programme or membership


Example: 20% off all POOL membership options (please check CCC website for accurate and updated prices

 Flexi Weekly  Flexi Fortnightly  Flexi Monthly  Fixed 3 month  Fixed 12 month  
BEFORE discount $15.10 $30.20 $65.60 $241.40 $697.10
AFTER discount* $12.08 $24.16 $52.48 $193.12 $557.68
    *minimum 3 month term for the discount to apply
  • Includes access to all CCC pool facilities
  • Spa, steam, and Sauna rooms (depending on the facility)
  • Lane and general pools
  • Adult Swimsmart lessons (must book)

Registrations are open now. Secure your registration today!

Register your interest for Swim Starter

For more information contact Gary Gin, our Sport Coordinator.