Intro To Exercise

Ever wanted to “give exercise a go”, but not sure where to go or how to start?  We all have to start somewhere, and our Intro to Exercise sessions could be the right place for you! 

  • Daily intro sessions.
  • Opt-in only to those you want to try 
  • Mixed gender sessions and Women Only sessions  
  • Designed for the true beginner and/or if you're feeling very unsure or nervous - slow pace and low intensity 
  • Small groups for extra attention and less stress - ask any question that comes to mind!

The best way to keep a healthy exercise routine, is to find activities you love to do, daily if possible! 

Programme Includes

  • Try our popular classes in a small group environment 
  • Workshop/class hybrid style, so you can ask as many questions as you like
  • Low intensity for beginners, so you can focus on having fun and getting comfortable
  • Classes will be short to begin with, and you'll build up to a full length class over 5 weeks
  • Try Intro to Spin, Intro to Pump, Intro to Yoga, but keep checking the app for more options!
  • To register for these classes use our UC Rec&Sport app.
  • Take advantage of small group lifting sessions to learn how to lift safely and what exercises to do to work certain muscles. 
  • These sessions will be limited in numbers so that each participant can get maximum time with our trainer. 
  • Some sessions will be women only and all sessions will be held in the Women’s Only Zone. 
  • Males can join the mixed sessions and these will still be held in the Women’s Only Zone, as we will have it booked out just for this group. 
  • To register for these classes use our UC Rec&Sport app.
  • These were one of the most popular sessions in Term 1, so don't delay! 
  • Ever wandered into the gym and wondered "how the heck do I use this stuff!?!" 
  • Learn how to use the equipment safely, and what it's for
  • Learn how to use the app, so you can take advantage of the free programmes and features to get you moving! 
  • To register for these session, use the UC Rec&Sport app.