Intro To Exercise

girl on leg press with instructor

Ever wanted to “give exercise a go”, but not sure where to go or how to start?  We all have to start somewhere, and our Intro to Exercise programme could be the right place for you! 

  • Five weeks to try different activities 
  • Opt-in only to those you want to try 
  • Mixed gender sessions and Women Only sessions  
  • Designed for the true beginner and/or if you're feeling very unsure or nervous - slow pace and low intensity 
  • Small groups for extra attention and less stress - ask any question that comes to mind! 

 Join us for as many or as few sessions as you want and start your exercise adventure!   The best way to keep a healthy exercise routine, is to find activities you love to do, daily if possible! 

Programme Includes

  • Try our popular classes in a small group environment 
  • Workshop/class hybrid style, so you can ask as many questions as you like
  • Low intensity for beginners, so you can focus on having fun and getting comfortable
  • Classes will be short to begin with, and you'll build up to a full length class over 5 weeks
  • Try Intro to Spin, Intro to Pump, Intro to Yoga, but keep checking the app for more options!
  • To register for these classes use our UC Rec&Sport app.
  • Take advantage of small group lifting sessions to learn how to lift safely and what exercises to do to work certain muscles. 
  • These sessions will be limited in numbers so that each participant can get maximum time with our trainer. 
  • Some sessions will be women only and all sessions will be held in the Women’s Only Zone. 
  • Males can join the mixed sessions and these will still be held in the Women’s Only Zone, as we will have it booked out just for this group. 
  • To register for these classes use our UC Rec&Sport app.
  • These were one of the most popular sessions in Term 1, so don't delay! 
  • New to Christchurch, or just haven’t been exploring lately? 
  • Come with us for a leisurely walk around some neat spots around the city! 
  • We will take you off campus (transport provided) to some great walks that are local favourites. 
  • Afterwards, we'll shout you a hot drink over some sweet chats, before heading back to campus. 
  • A good pair of shoes and a water bottle is all you need! 
  • With the beautiful setting of the Botanical Gardens who wouldn’t want to give kayaking a go!?! 
  • We will take you to the Avon River where you will learn how to kayak in a gentle, shallow river. 
  • You will have an hour to explore the river and see the Botanical Gardens from a different perspective. 
  • An ability to swim is not a requirement as the river is quite shallow and if you fall out you can just stand up. 
  • To register for this activity, you'll need to register for the programme and then see reception to pay $2 for transport.
  • Ever wandered into the gym and wondered "how the heck do I use this stuff!?!" 
  • Learn how to use the equipment safely, and what it's for
  • Learn how to use the app, so you can take advantage of the free programmes and features to get you moving! 
  • To register for these session, use the UC Rec&Sport app.
  • Each week of the programme you will be given a weekly challenge to help keep you active and trying new things. 
  • These activities are designed to use your new found knowledge of the RecCentre and Christchurch for a bit of active fun!

How to register

  • To register for the programme fill out the online form by clicking the red button below
  • For on campus activities use our UC Rec&Sport app
  • For off campus activities register and pay at reception 

Your support package

  • Beginner classes to help you with technique, queues, and terminology
  • Female only sessions and Mixed sessions
  • Sessions on how to use the gym equipment and the app to fully maximize your time in the gym
  • Transportation to off campus activities
  • Access to discounts in other UC RecCentre programmes

The investment

  • UC students free to join
  • Non UC Students $20 to cover membership card
  • $2 for any off campus trips

Key dates

  • Registration for Term 1 Feb1-Feb 19
  • Term 1 runs March 1-April 1
  • Registration for Term 2 April 1-April 22
  • Term 2 runs May 3-June 4
  • Meet and greet the team Thurs, Feb 25 (TBC)

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