Remote Consultations

remote consultations with MyWellness

Remote Consultations

  • We have remote consultations available for those who want a personalised programme made by our fitness professionals but cannot get into the RecCentre.
  • Available during our regular consultation hours. Must be booked in advance by emailing our Fitness & Facilities Coordinator.
  • Normal fees apply.
  • Want help navigating our app?  Ideas on how to modify an exercise you've seen online?  Or just want a home exercise programme made for you.
  • Our consultants will video call you via Microsoft Teams. You'll be taken through a health screen, goal setting, creation of your at-home programme based on any equipment you have and shown how to access the programme within our app.
  • Email our Fitness & Facilities Coordinator to request a Remote Consultation, and we'll connect you with a trainer and a timeslot. 

Terms and conditions

  • The RecCentre is a teaching gym. As such, your trainer may be a student in-training (not yet qualified) or a recent graduate trying to gain experience. In such cases, a regular trainer may be present to look over any programmes that are created to ensure your safety and to provide feedback to our trainee.

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