Exercise Consults & Advice 

girl on leg press with trainer

Getting an exercise programme or one-on-one training session at the RecCentre is easy.  

1. Choose the length of time you need
2. Book via our app or at reception
3. Arrive 5mins early ready to go and pay at reception Before your session (make sure you dowload the app before you arrive!) 

1. Sessions and Pricing

Booking Length UC StudentsAll Other MembersNon-Members
60min PT session or programme  $40 $50 $60
45min PT session or programme  $30 $37.50 $45
30min PT Session $20  $25  $30 
15min Advice consultation Free Free  n/a
  • 60mins - ideal for first-time users getting a personalised exercise programme,  or those wanting an extended one-on-one training session
  • 45mins - ideal for getting a change in your programme, or wanting a bit more time with your trainer one-on-one 
  • 30mins - ideal for a quick supercharged workout with a trainer (not long enough for a programme, sorry). If you've never had a pre-exercise assessment with a fitness consultant before, your first 30-minute session will include an extra 15-minute consultation beforehand.
  • 15mins - ideal if you need help navigating your app to help you get started, or if you're not sure what's right for you.

2. How to book

  • Book using our app and pay at reception on arrival. Or call us on +64 3 369 2433
  • Payment is required upfront before the session begins (credit/debit card details can be taken over the phone too) 

3. Be prepared for your session

  • Download our app before you arrive (we'll upload your programme there for you to access 24/7)
  • Wear suitable exercise clothes, shoes that are covered toe and heel, and bring your sweat towel and drink bottle. 
  • Check in at reception 5mins before you appointment time to pay and for directions to the waiting room.


What should you expect?

  • On your first programme/visit, you'll be asked to fill in a screening questionnaire with our consultant.  It's all about you - any health issues, training goals, time requirements and so forth. 
  • You've booked our trainers time - so you can ask for a programme OR you can ask to be trained (personal training)
  • If you've asked for a programme that you can follow on your own time, we'll write and upload it to your app for 24/7 access 
  • We'll show you through the programme, doing a few reps of each exercise to check your technique, set your initial resistance and so on. So yes, you will get a little sweaty, but it won't be a full workout.
  • If you've booked in for a little 'one-on-one time', so our trainer can put you through your paces then you can expect to work up a sweat as they take you through a workout - it could be different every time!  The choice is yours.  

Other good things to know

  • A complimentary 15-minute follow-up session is provided to ensure your programme suits, minor tweaks can be made, and a chance for you to ask questions. Book this in via the app or with the trainer at the end of your session.
  • Your body will adapt to any programme every 6-8weeks.  We suggest you renew regularly to keep it fresh, and avoid plateaus.  
  • At our prices, it's affordable to book in for weekly training sessions. Let our team of professionals motivate and inspire you to improve your physical fitness.
  • Remote Consultations are available if you can't make it to the gym, at the same prices.  Contact the Fitness, Facilities & Systems Team Leader to arrange this.

Terms and conditions

  • Whilst every effort is made to provide the same trainer, we reserve the right to substitute trainers if your preferred trainer is not availble.  For this reason, our prices are below market to reflect this, and no further discounts or concessions are available. 

For more information

Meet our fitness professionals here; Fitness Consultant Profiles

Contact the Fitness, Facilities & Systems Team Leader or pop into the UC Rec & Sport office (UC Rec Centre map)