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We offer a range of budget friendly services to reach your goals, all while saving precious hours in the gym that you can redirect to study, working and having a social life!  Check out the options below.

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Training Program Tips

Always remember to check the details of your training program. You can view your programme on our app on the "My Movement" tab. Or via the MyWellness website, see below for tips on how to swap to a previously held programme in the app.

Fitness Centre Staffed Hours

Meet our fitness professionals here; Fitness Consultant Profiles

  • Our Fitness Consultants & Gym Hosts can be approached at any time if you have any questions, need help with technique or spotting.
  • For an exclusive time, book an appointment at reception.
  • The gym is supervised by our trainers when they're not booked for consultations. Their hours of work are typically: 
6am - 9am Karen Karen  Karen  Karen  Sarah     
9am - 1pm Ema  Ema  Karen  Ema  Iris     
1pm - 5pm Rachel   Rachel         
5pm - 9pm              
  • Hours are subject to change.
  • If you prefer specifically a male or female trainer and you cannot make the times they are working, please contact us for alternative arrangements.
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