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male and female running on skillmill with instructor

We offer a range of budget friendly services to reach your goals, all while saving precious hours in the gym that you can redirect to study, working and having a social life!  Check out the options below.

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Fitness Centre Staffed Hours

Meet our fitness professionals here; Fitness Consultant Profiles

  • Our Fitness Consultants & Gym Hosts can be approached at any time if you have any questions, need help with technique or spotting.
  • For an exclusive time, book an appointment in the app.
  • The gym is supervised by our trainers when they're not booked for consultations. Their hours of work are typically: 
6am - 9am Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen    
9am - 1pm       Iris   Hadassah  
1pm - 5pm Rachel         Phoebe Oscar
5pm - 9pm Oscar Phoebe Phoebe Oscar Phoebe    
  • Hours are subject to change.
  • If you prefer specifically a male or female trainer and you cannot make the times they are working, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

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