Fitness Consultant Showing Member treadmill

GymStart Sessions 

Are you new to the gym, not sure how to use things, or just want to know how to use our app? We understand! That's why we have GymStart. 

Session 1

With the help of a qualified fitness consultant you will:

  • Complete a pre-exercise and PAR-Q assessment, using your new Rec & Sport App
  • Select a programme from the app that fits your needs 
  • Get a tour of the fitness areas, and learn how to use the app to do your programme 
  • Book into Session 2.  (we recommend within 2 weeks) 
  • Takes approximately 45mins-60mins, with up to 4 people per session 

Session 2

Having tried your programme a few times, in this session you will:

  • get tweaks to your programme 
  • ask for advice on technique or the app 
  • have an optional, FREE Body Composition Scan  (BCS) 
  • Takes approx 15mins, with up to 4 people per session 

Terms and conditions

  • Please be aware that the RecCentre is a teaching gym. As such, your fitness consultant may be a student in-training (not yet qualified) or a recent graduate trying to gain experience. In such cases, a regular trainer may be present at some sessions to ensure your safety, and to provide feedback to our trainee. 

Need more information?

Samuel Garmonsway

Fitness & Facilities Coordinator
Recreation Centre Rm 101D
Internal Phone: 95083