START Me - Kettlebells

4 athletes training with kettlebells

Kettlebell training has been a quiet revolution. It's a form of weight training that can help you reach your fitness goals in less time. Great if you are short of time, but focussed on success.

Why you should do this START Me session

  • You want a functional strength training workout to add some variety
  • You don't like the crowds in the weights room, so you want to make use of the circuit and boxing rooms
  • You want to get strong, tone up fast and not spend too much time doing it!
  • Suitable for all levels

Session details

  • Session will last for 30 minutes
  • Sign up at Reception or over the phone
  • Free, but bookings are essential
  • If you are unable to make your session, please call and let us know.

On the day

  • Arrive 5 minutes before scheduled start time and check in at reception
  • You will be directed to the meeting point
  • Wear workout appropriate gear, as there will be practical and theoretical elements

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