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Group Fitness Classes Streaming Live & OnDemand 

Sometimes getting to the gym or fitting in a group fitness class around a busy schedule can be tricky.  

You'll need to download and log in to our Rec&Sport App.

Livestream Classes (Currently not available)

We stream a select number of group fitness classes daily. These classes are happening live and streamed via our app. You can participate remotely from wherever you are. 


Open the UC Rec & Sport app.

  1. Tap on [Livestream Timetable] This is a separate timetable from our class booking timetable. On the calendar find the class you wish to stream.
  2. You can set a reminder for when the class is about to begin, or if the class has started tap [Join].
  3. You can join the class with your mobile device or tap join from a computer or TV (a URL link will be emailed to the email address associated with your Rec & Sport app account).
  4. You choose whether you wish to present your screen or microphone. This will allow you to interact with other online members before the class begins. Your microphone and camera are automatically turned off when the class begins.
  5. If you have a heart rate monitor you can choose to link this to the app so your HR can be displayed on the screen.

If the app closes or our livestream crashes you can rejoin the class at any time throughout the duration of the livestream. After the class, your results will automatically be added to the results tab of the app.


OnDemand Classes

If the scheduled time of a class isn't suitable we have a number of pre-recorded classes for you to choose from within our OnDemand area that you can do anytime you like.


  1. From the app home screen tap the [OnDemand] picture.
  2. Browse classes via "Recently Added", "Popular" and "Categories" sections. to view the full list tap [All]. There are classes added all the time with with a mix of both RecCentre and Technogym content. 
  3. When you've found a class, open it and tap [START] to begin.

After the class, your results will automatically be added to the results tab of the app.

Most classes don't have a warm-up or cool-down so we recommend you conduct your own or select one of the warm-up or cool-down classes before/after your class.



Whether you are livestreaming or doing an OnDemand class, you have the option to cast it to a bigger screen.

  1. Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network and your TV is on.
  2. Start the class. Once the class has started, a Chromecast icon will appear at the top of the screen.

Alternatively you can Chromecast directly from a computer browser.