How To Book a Group Fitness Class

How To - Book a Class

More of a visual learner? 

How to book (all classes)

  • Open your Rec & Sport app, and select the class timetable tile.
  • Select the day and timeslot you'd like.
  • Select the 'book' button.  You're in. You can choose to add it to your calendar so you don't' forget. 
  • Zone classes (Spin, Fit50) just the same, but pay for your class at reception to collect your token.

How to cancel (all classes) 

  • Open your app, head to the class, and select 'delete booking', up to 30mins prior to class start time 
  • It really helps others if you cancel as soon as you know you've changed your mind! 

Are there penalties if I don't turn up without cancelling

  • YES!  We have limited spaces, so we need your help to make sure everyone has a fair chance of working out. 
  • If you fail to turn up, or you are late, you will receive one strike.  
  • If you reach 3 strikes, you can still come to the gym, but you will lose your spot for any classes you've booked and the privilege of booking via the app for a short time (2 weeks).

What's a waitlist?

  • If the class is full, you can pop yourself on the waitlist.
  • If someone cancels, you will get a notification (if you've turned these on) when a space becomes available.
  • Fastest finger wins, so be quick when a spot becomes available! It's worth putting yourself on the waitlist as people may cancel their booked spot the day of the class.

What are the booking rules?

  • There is no limit on the number of classes you can book a day, or how many you can make at one time.
  • You can cancel up to 30mins before the class start time.
  • Capacity is listed in the app for each class. These are based on equipment, space and comfort for users.
  • Bookings open 5 days in advance of the class at 6am.

Want to be reminded when bookings become available for a class?

  • On the class timetable, if you scroll forward to more than 5 days ahead, you'll notice a bell icon and the word "Follow". If you follow a class you'll be notified when bookings for that class open, so you can quickly book your spot.

Can I turn up for a class without booking?

  • Yes, BUT you won't be guaranteed a spot.
  • Our instructors can book you into the class, and then check you off, but if the class is full you may be turned away.
  • We suggest checking your app and book your spot before coming down to the gym. That way, it won't be a wasted trip if the class is already full!  
  • Remember, we do have some no-shows, so even if the app says the class is full, it might be worth trying your luck.


  • You can choose which notifications to receive, and how you'd like to receive them. You can do this in the settings menu of the app. In the settings, you'll also find the option to turn on/off calendar reminders.
  • We recommend turning on push notifications for classes - you'll be reminded of your upcoming class, and when space becomes available for a waitlisted class.


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