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Female lying on bolster in butterfly position. Eyes closed.

Yoga Restore targets deep connective tissue and fascia that covers the body. Compared to our general yoga classes, Yoga Restore will have more of a restorative and relaxing feel to the class. 

The Details

  • Small class size. Limit 12 people.
  • Location: Zen Zone our peaceful, mind body sanctuary that allows members to relax, stretch, meditate or just chill out in throughout the day.
  • The room is slightly heated and carpeted for your comfort.
  • You will have access to more equipment to make the most of the postures within the class. E.g. bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, meditation pillows. 

What to expect

The majority of the poses in Yoga Restore will be floor based. The instructor will help you get into each posture using various props to increase relaxation and target the connective tissue within the body. You can expect to hold poses for anywhere between 3-5mins. During this time your instructor will encourage you to focus on regulating the breath and calm the mind. 

Benefits of Yoga Restore

  • Improve your flexibility and joint mobility (especially the joints and hips)
  • Calming and balancing to the mind and body, which leads to greater relaxation
  • Improve your sleep, mental alertness and reduce overall stress
  • Regulates energy in the body

How often should you attend?

You can attend every day if you like.

Yoga Restore etiquette

  • Arrive early and settle quietly so that you do not disturb others in preparation phase
  • Never ever leave during savasana (the relaxation phase at the end of class)
  • It is recommended that you practice in bare feet, but you are welcome to leave your socks on
  • Do attempt the postures offered by the teacher, modifying if necessary. It is distracting and disrespectful for both the teacher and other participants to undertake your own sequence in a class situation.

Costs (additional to membership or casual entry fee)

  • $3 per class (member)
  • $15 per class (non-member)
  • $27 for 10 concession card (members only or can be used in conjunction with casual entry or casual concession)

Please head to reception to pay and collect your Yoga Restore token and towel. Tokens can be collected 30mins before class begins. 

Check the timetable

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