Step Basic

Using a height-adjustable step platform, improve your cardiovascular fitness AND get great legs in a fun and challenging workout. The purpose of Step Basic is to teach you all the base movements that you will see in most step classes without overloading the brain with complex choreography. Once you have nailed this class, our general step class is the perfect progression to help energize your workout!

What to expect

You’ll learn a routine built up over the entire class, finishing with a grand finale. These routines will be simple and easy to follow allowing you to learn the movements and how to get up and around your step safely. Instructors keep the same routine for 3-4weeks which gives you the opportunity each week to master it. Practice makes perfect!

Controlling intensity

  • You are in charge of intensity – the instructor simply provides the moves and motivation.
  • Either increase step height, add propulsions or jumps (the instructor will show you how), or get your arms moving above your head more.
  • Hand weights are NOT RECOMMENDED.

Benefits of Step Basic

  • Tone and shape your legs
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve your co-ordination

When you shouldn't take this class

In our experience, people with certain knee injuries find this class difficult. However, everyone is different. So, give it a whirl and see how you feel. You can always leave the class if it's not working for you, but please let the instructor know beforehand if you are at all unsure.

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