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three riders in spin class at the UC Rec Center


What to expect

  • Party lights and a great workout to music. Every instructor has their own unique style and musical choices, so it pays to try a few out classes and see who you fit with best. Remember this could change over time as you gain more experience and fitness.
  • Lunchtime classes are 45 minutes. All others are 50 minutes. We occasionally offer Spin Enduro which is 75 or 90 minutes.

At your first spin class

  • Arrive 15 minutes early so we have time to help set your bike up for you.
  • Don’t expect to be able to cycle as fast as everyone else – it takes time to build leg pace.
  • Expect to feel exhausted – in a nice way. It takes practice to learn the intensity to ride at.

Controlling intensity

  • You are in charge of your workout – the instructor simply provides the moves and motivation.
  • The instructor won’t touch your resistance dial – only you decide to work harder or ease off.

Benefits of spin

  • Gain leg strength and muscular endurance without gaining bulk
  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat
  • Tone and shape your legs and butt

How often should you attend?

As often as you like. You’ll get awesome results from three classes per week.

Costs (additional to membership or casual entry fee)

  • $3 per class (member)
  • $15 per class (non-member)
  • $27 for 10 concession card (members only or can be used in conjunction with casual entry or casual concession.

Please head to reception to pay and collect your Spin token and towel. Tokens can be collected 30mins before class begins. 

Check the timetable

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