3 people doing press-ups in sportshall HIIT class

Trending right now is the supercharged high intensity interval training protocol. Get the best of everything - super high intensity cardiovascular and bodyweight muscular training all in 30 minutes!

What to expect

  • Warm-up phase of 5 minutes of athletic exercises - no aerobics or fancy footwork here
  • 4 interval sets using high intensity exercises with recovery (because you will need it)
  • Cool down and stretch phase of 5 minutes

Benefits of HIIT30 

  • Improve your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness
  • Improve your muscular fitness and tone your entire body
  • Feel the after buzz of working at super high intensity and then burn fat for the next 24 hours
  • Save time and work smart

How often should you attend?

Include it in your fitness routine twice a week and watch your body get stronger and fitter!

Who should attend?

  • Ideal for those who have hit a plateau in their training and want to kickstart things again
  • Great for those with the drive to push themselves to their limits
  • You take the class at your own pace - work to your limit during the work phase, and take a rest when directed
  • Not suitable if you are pregnant, have high or low blood pressure or do not cope with high intensity sessions
  • Intermediate fitness level required

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