Membership Terms of Use and Code of Conduct

  • When you sign up to the RecCentre, you agree to be a good person and follow our rules.
  • These rules are our Terms of Use, which include our Code of Conduct.
  • You will find these Terms of Use and Code of Conduct displayed at the entrance to the RecCentre, and on the corridor wall beside reception.
  • The Terms of Use are outlined on the membership contract that you sign, or click to agree to if online.
  • You can also view the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct online in our policy documents page

Why do we have these rules?

  • We want to keep you safe! Your workout should be in an environment that is healthy and safe. Should you not feel that way, please come and see a member of our team immediately and we'll help you out
  • The Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are the formal document to guide member behaviours, and to guide any decisions regarding your membership (eg putting membership on hold, cancelling your membership early, not loaning your card)

What are the key bits I need to know?

We strongly recommend you read your contract before signing or clicking to agree. It is a legally binding contract. However, here are the key pieces of information that we find members asking about most frequently:

  • Putting your membership on hold or cancelling early
  • Shirts, shoes and towels - these are mandatory at every workout. An exception is made for removing footwear on gym mezzanine (stretch area) and in yoga/pilates classes. Keep yourself and everyone else around you, safe and healthy.
  • Bring your membership card EVERY TIME. You cannot share your card with anyone, even if they are a member. You cannot borrow anyone else's card. If you are caught, there is a 1 week minimum stand down period where both parties will be banned from the gym.
  • If you forget your card, please see reception. We give you two chances per semester to forget your card without consequence. The third time, we'll ask you to pay casual entry fee of $12. You'll get this refunded in full on your next visit, when you return with your membership card. It's really just easier for everyone if you remember your card.
  • You must be at least 16years of age at the time of joining, and proof of age may be requested.. Photo ID is required of everyone requesting to join the UC RecCentre, regardless of age.
  • To utilise services or facilities of the UC RecCentre you must obide by our Terms or Use & Code of Conduct, Gym Etiquette Rules and the UC Privacy Poilicy - Links to which can be found below.
Download our Terms of Use & Code of Conduct
Download the UC Privacy Policy
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