Gym etiquette

Gym towel and protein shaker on bench

If everyone follows these 10 simple rules, we'll all have a safe and happy time at the gym. We want everyone to be comfortable, so please be mindful of your decisions and actions and their potential impact on others.

Download our handy Gym User Etiquette Guide 2020 especially if it's your first time in our gym, and if you have any questions, come and talk to one of our friendly staff - we are more than happy to help.


10 simple rules

Your card = your entry.

Bringing your card makes checking in faster, meaning you can get straight to your workout. Your card will get you, and you alone, in to the gym - likewise, please don't use other people's cards to get in.

If you forget your card, we'll shout you twice a semester. But after that, you'll need to pay a casual entry fee. Don't worry yourself though, you'll be refunded if you bring your membership card in, within the next 7 days.

No one likes getting on a sweaty machine. Help your fellow gym-goers out - wipe up your sweat or pop your towel down before you use a machine. If you forget your towel, pop into reception where you can rent one for 50 cents (they've even been lovingly laundered).

You might have a bod you are proud of, but please put the rig away - wear appropriate clothing, including a top, suitable shorts (keep the buns in the shorts please) and closed shoes (that means closed toe and heel). Do note though, you are welcome to take your shoes off in any yoga and pilates classes, and when you're using the gym mezzanine stretching area.

Use the spray cloths and spray bottles provided around the gym. No-one wants to use something covered in someone else's germs and body fluids!

We all want to walk into the gym and feel like there is something for us to use. We are a busy gym, so help each other out and work-in. If you are resting between sets, let someone else do theirs. Stay nearby to unload your weights (leg press anyone??) if asked. And please, do try to not hoard all of the gear at once, especially at peak time.

Respect the equipment, and those around you. Dropping weights from a height (ie anything above 20cm) is NEVER OK. It damages the equipment, the floor, and can give the people around you a fright. The gym is already intimidating enough for many, loud noises and bravado are not necessary. Lower your weight safely to the floor - if you can't do that on your own, then you need to lower the weight you're lifting.

If you can lift it, you can put it back. Keep the floor areas clear so that no-one trips on your mess, and others can access the equipment. Leave barbells empty, dumbells in their racks, and weights on their storage trees. Other gym goers aren't your maid, they shouldn't have to clean up after you.

We don't want anyone to trip up - gym bags, phones, keys are going to make that happen. Please put your bags and other belongings in the lockers provided, or store them in the changing room lockers. If you need a lock, bring your membership card to reception, and we'll loan you one for your visit.

 Sorry, but all your selfies will have to wait until you're outside of the gym. For privacy reasons, we have a no photography rule. If you need to take a photo or video, please talk to management and gain permission in advance.

Fitness (and group fitness) is not a spectator sport. Please watch your own form, and no-one else's. Keep your comments, volume and language choices in check. Let's make our gym friendly, inclusive and welcoming for everyone, so we can all have a pleasant workout and return home safe and sound.

Our rules, your safety 

You may be asked to rectify the situation immediately (such as put your shoes/shirt on or use a towel).   If you don't want to follow our rules, you are able to leave the facility, and we may ask you to.    Suspension and/or cancellation of membership is also an option if there is more serious misbehaviour. (such as sharing your card, or using someone else's to get in).

For more information

If you have any questions or feedback, please email the Rec & Sport Manager.