COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Alert Level 2 

Last updated 13/09/21/2021 6.00pm 

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Kia ora koutou

All of New Zealand (except Auckland) are in Alert Level 2.  This is until at least 11.59pm on Tuesday 21st September, 2021.  
The government will review the levels on Monday 20th September, 2021. 
The RecCentre and K1 Athlete Training Facility are open with extra requirements for your safety.  

Please check this page regularly for updates on gym requirements - how to use it safely so that we can all have a good time and stay open!  

Here's an overview of the rules, and you can read about how they apply in typical gym scenarios in the accordion:

  • Masks are required when entering/exiting and transitioning/waiting for your activity in the facility. 
  • Masks may be removed when you are exercising 
  • 2m spacing is required throughout the facility (no spotting, partner work) 
  • Occupancy limits are based on our facility size, for each space.    
  • Tracing is mandatory - scan your membership barcode EVERY visit.  The NZ Govt Tracing QR code is available also, and we strongly encourage you to use it - it will speed up the tracing process should it be required. 
  • Hygiene is critical - sanitise hands on arrival/departure; wipe down all equipment before & after use; bring a towel and use it 
  • If you feel unwell, or consider yourself in the high risk category, please do not come to the gym.  
  • Please follow the instructions of our staff - we will be monitoring closely for hygiene practices and 2m spacing 
  • Bookings are essential for Group Fitness via the Rec&Sport App 
  • Bookings not required for using the rest of the gym, but be mindful of the room limits
  • Sport is now permitted in the facility,  please see the accordion below for info
  • Please leave fans off in training areas 

Service Updates

Casual Visitors & New  Memberships 

  • Casual visitors and new members are welcome    
  • Quietest periods are 10am - 3pm each day


  • All members are required to scan their membership barcode on entry
  • If you forget your card, you will need to be manually signed in by our staff 
  • We also encourage you to scan the NZ-Covid 19 Tracer QR code upon entry 
  • Casual visitors will be required to present photo ID, and sign our visitor form (this includes those visiting staff or physios)  

Mask Use & Hygiene 

  • Please wear your mask upon entry, exit, transit and waiting in the gym 
  • You may remove it once you begin exercising 
  • Please help us by leaving as the facility as soon as you have completed your workout 
  • Please use the sanitiser at entry/exit, and regularly throughout your workout 
  • Bring and use your towel to keep your sweat contained 

Extensions due to Lockdown 

  • For those with paid up front memberships, we will calculate the time closed and add this to the your end date 
  • For those on salary deduction, we will ensure you receive the same entitlement 
  • If your circumstances have changed, and you can no longer use the gym, or would like to delay your return, please get in touch 
  • Please keep an eye on your inbox for more information in the coming days
  • If you have any questions, please email 



  • The gym is open our usual hours 
  • Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm
  • Saturday/Sunday 9am - 5pm 

Peak Hours 

  • Our busy period is typically 4pm - 8pm
  • We strongly recommend trying different timeslots for the gym if you are able to avoid disappointment 
  • Room occupancy will be monitored closely and we may ask you to wait for entry



 Fitness Consultation Services 


  • All fitness facilities are open 
  • Room capacity limits will be posted at the entry to each space.  Please follow these, and the 2m rule. 
  • Some equipment will be removed/out of order if it is difficult to be cleaned or if it facilitates 2m spacing requirements 
  • Please refrain from moving equipment unless absolutely necessary, and please return it if you do.  We have blue tape marking sites. 
  • Fans must remain off 

Cleaning & Hygiene 

  • Germshield is applied once per week 
  • Fogging with disinfectant will occur 3x per day
  • Additional spray bottles will be provided, and we expect members to clean all equipment/space IMMEDIATELY after use 
  • Bring your towel every workout and use it to keep your sweat contained

 Additional Training Etiquette during Covid-19 Delta Level 2 

  • Maintain 2m distance - sorry, this means no spotting technique for your mates, even if you are in a bubble 
  • Please modify your workout and avoid supersetting etc across multiple pieces of equipment, in fairness to others, particularly in peak times
  • Whilst resting between sets, you are not required to put your mask back on, as long as you can maintain 2m





  • BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL via the Rec&Sport app. 
  • Check out how to book here
  • Class sizes at reduced capacity, see in-app
  • Please clean your studio mats and steps after use with spray provided
  • Return all other equipment to the cupboard, and we will disinfect it with the fogging machine en masse 
  • 2m distance is required whilst exercising - you'll have a clearly marked area to stand in

Mask Use 

  • Masks are to be worn whilst waiting to exercise, gathering or returning equipment 
  • Masks can be removed once the exercise class starts 
  • This applies for all participants, including the instructor  

Online Classes 

  • Download the Rec & Sport app for livestream and on demand classes (free for members)
  • We will livestream almost all the classes in the gym and sportshall, so if you miss out on a spot, you can join in at home 

Small Group Training 

  • All Term 3 SGT course participants have received credit on their RecCentre account, for sessions that could not go ahead 
  • Term 4 SGT courses will be available, week starting 27th September for five weeks.  Registrations and info available 13th September. 


  • Please be aware that your usual entry process will be slower.
  • ID must be shown, as per casual/visitor entry requirements 
  • Please contact us to make a booking for a class  

More of a visual learner? 

How to book (all classes)

  • Open your Rec & Sport app, and select the class timetable tile.
  • Select the day and timeslot you'd like be sure to select the livestream option 
  • Select the 'book' button.  You're in. You can choose to add it to your calendar so you don't' forget. 

How to cancel (all classes) 

  • Open your app, head to the class, and select 'delete booking', up to 30mins prior to class start time 
  • It really helps others if you cancel as soon as you know you've changed your mind! 

Are there penalties if I don't turn up without cancelling

  • NOT for livestream.    

Can I join a class without booking?

  • Yes, you'll just be doing the booking process when you're ready. 



 Social Sport Leagues 

Drop-in Sport

  • Drop in sport sessions and casual play (hoops, badminton, squash etc) are now available    
  • Please wash and sanitise hands before and after play
  • Please clean all equipment before and after play - follow instructions from our team when returning equipment
  • Maintain 2m where practicable
  • No spectators allowed.  If you're taking a brief rest, please put your mask back on

UTSNZ & Run Canterbury 

  • Run Canterbury pack runs will continue with modifications - register for pack runs via the app, 2m distance whilst running  
  • UC have withdrawn from remaining UTSNZ events (Basketball and Netball) 
  • Please contact Gary Gin for more information 

Club Sport & Bookings

  • Please contact Stacey Niao for more information
  • Health & Safety plans for Covid Level 2 Delta will be required before room or field bookings are accepted

Sport Academy 

  • Sport Academy will continue in-person. 
  • Bookings essential via the app, with reduced capacity and hygiene rules as per fitness facility guidelines 
  • Please contact Stacey Niao for more information

Sport Science Testing 

  • Sport science testing is available with additional precautions 
  • Please contact Tina George for more information



  • All members are required to scan in with their membership card/barcode app, as per our normal conditions of entry 
  • This meets our usual health & safety requirements, terms and conditions of membership and electronic contact tracing requirements for the goverment 
  • Government Contact Tracing QR codes are available, and we strongly encourage you to record this in addition, to enable faster tracking if it is required 


  • If you do not have a membership or staff card that can be used for entry and electronic tracking with us, you will be required to sign in manually 
  • Please bring Photo ID and complete the manual sign in form with full details for tracing purposes 
  • No ID = no entry 
  • This includes any players attending for club training that usually sign in with VISTAB 

Download now!

  • It is vital that you download the UC Rec&Sport app
  • Please ensure you use the email you signed up for your membership account with
  • Your new app account can take up to 24hours to connect to your RecCentre account 
  • You can only start to make bookings (or assign yourself a workout) once this connection is completed.
  • If it hasn't happened, you'll get a message telling you 'your membership doesn't allow you to do this' , try again later.
  • If you are still getting this message 24hours later, give us a call. 

 Why get the app?

  • Bookings are essential for Group Fitness Classes  See more info here
  • LIVESTREAMED classes will ONLY be available via the app 
  • Assign yourself a workout, or try out constantly changing workouts of the day and week 
  • Easy links to our YouTube page for recorded classes
  • If your phone does not support the app, please contact or phone 369 2433 and one of our Customer Experience team will assist you to make a booking over the phone  

Contact us with your feedback 

  • We encourage your feedback and suggestions, email our Rec & Sport Manager, or any staff member you come across 

Kat Henderson

Sport and Recreation Manager
UC RecCentre (Room 138)
Internal Phone: 95082