Performance & Technique Analysis

Performance Analysis

A Performance and Technique Analysis internship provides students with a hands on experience in all types of sports analysis.

Working with us at UC Rec and Sport and the analysis team you can learn and develop skills used in the sports analysis profession. We strive to help students make the transition into the working environment with the opportunity to work with our UC Premier sports teams and quality coaches.

We offer students the chance to learn:

  • What a sports analyst can provide to a team
  • Sports analysis software skills which includes: Sportscode Pro/Elite, Hudl and other platforms
  • How to set up and operate Sportsmast and Endzone filming towers
  • Sport specific: Skill / Technique / Biomechanical Analysis (e.g. scrum, kicking, sprinting, turning)
  • Supporting UC Premier Coaches and being part of a team here at UC
  • Creating video highlights for social media and internal use

A Performance and Technique Analysis internship allows students to learn and develop skills in software that is used by some of the highest ranked professional sports teams in the world. We take interns through a comprehensive programme on Sportscode and Hudl with the help of our staff. 

Game analysis allows teams to video and review key events that occurred during competition or practice. These phases can be reviewed by the coach, support staff, and players after their game. UC Rec and sport PA interns code events to suit the individual sport and coaches requirements. 

Examples of events coded during game analysis in hockey

  • Ball at back
  • Circle penetrations
  • Penalty corners
  • Defensive outlet

Optimise your sporting performance and reduce your risk of injury through improved technique and movement efficiency. We offer a range of video analysis options covering both team and individual sports and their related movement patterns.


  • Identify strengths and weakness in your technique
  • Improve movement patterns
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Enhance your body awareness through visual feedback.

What to expect 

  • We will film you during competition or training
  • Review your technique with your coach
  • Advise on how you may need to change your technique to improve (running, bike set up, kicking, tackle)


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