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UC Rec & Sport welcomes both UC students and others from the wider community to apply for UC Rec & Sport Internship positions. Our internship programme supports the six main UC Sports clubs, our Athlete Academy, and with events & UTSNZ tournament teams.

Internship Opportunities

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Why are internships important?

An internship is a fantastic opportunity to put what you’ve learnt in the classroom to practice in a real working environment amongst professionals that have been working in this field for several years.

Heading out into the working world can be daunting, which is why we offer internships to help our students make a smooth transition from university education to working life through many different fields of work within UC Rec and Sport.

Completing an internship with UC Rec and Sport allows students to work with mentors to work on projects, while building networks and developing industry and business knowledge. An internship also allows students to develop their personal and professional skills in an encouraging environment.

At UC Rec and Sport, we strive to support our interns to take initiative in every project they take on, with the help of our friendly staff.

Apply now for a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and knowledge from our team at UC Rec and Sport.

Event and Team Managment

UTSNZ Basketball

UC Rec & Sport are providing event and team management support to:

What can YOU learn?

  • Be mentored by our Sports Coordinator throughout your placement
  • How to create events from start to finish with specific processes
  • How to identify and create a hazards and risks register for events
  • How to interact with a diverse range of key stakeholders ranging from students to industry representatives

Previous Events hosted, lead, or attended by our Interns

  • South Island Derby Challenge
  • UTSNZ National Tournaments
  • Inter-halls Sports & Wellness Festival
  • Inter-halls Sports Court Sports
  • Campus 'International Day of University Sports' celebration
  • Volunteer Leaders Academy
Event & management Intern

"Being able to do my internship with Gary and UC Rec and Sport this year (2020) has been full of new and challenging experiences. Because of COVID-19, my role and duties were forever changing and I was exposed to many different opportunities but throughout it all, I was able to gain valuable experience in the sports leadership and management space. The opportunities that I have been able to be a part of, including organising an interhall sports event as well as a South Island Tertiary Basketball Tournament have enhanced my skills and ability to lead and manage on a larger scale than I have ever before. I truly believe that this internship opportunity is one that is extremely valuable and one that pushes you to become better. You will get out of this internship what you put into it and you have the support from the people around you to further develop the way you lead, manage and ultimately who you are in this space."

- Jacob Mulhollamd (2020 Intern)

Now: Te Kaitakawaeka Whakawhanake Taiohi  - Youth Development Facilitator at YMCA South and Mid Canterbury

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Performance & Technique Analysis

Performance Analysis

A Performance and Technique Analysis internship provides students with a hands on experience in all types of sports analysis.

Working with us at UC Rec and Sport and the analysis team you can learn and develop skills used in the sports analysis profession. We strive to help students make the transition into the working environment with the opportunity to work with our UC Premier sports teams and quality coaches.

We offer students the chance to learn:

  • What a sports analyst can provide to a team
  • Sports analysis software skills which includes: Sportscode Pro/Elite, Hudl and other platforms
  • How to set up and operate Sportsmast and Endzone filming towers
  • Sport specific: Skill / Technique / Biomechanical Analysis (e.g. scrum, kicking, sprinting, turning)
  • Supporting UC Premier Coaches and being part of a team here at UC
  • Creating video highlights for social media and internal use

A Performance and Technique Analysis internship allows students to learn and develop skills in software that is used by some of the highest ranked professional sports teams in the world. We take interns through a comprehensive programme on Sportscode and Hudl with the help of our staff. 

Game analysis allows teams to video and review key events that occurred during competition or practice. These phases can be reviewed by the coach, support staff, and players after their game. UC Rec and sport PA interns code events to suit the individual sport and coaches requirements. 

Examples of events coded during game analysis in hockey

  • Ball at back
  • Circle penetrations
  • Penalty corners
  • Defensive outlet

Optimise your sporting performance and reduce your risk of injury through improved technique and movement efficiency. We offer a range of video analysis options covering both team and individual sports and their related movement patterns.


  • Identify strengths and weakness in your technique
  • Improve movement patterns
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Enhance your body awareness through visual feedback.

What to expect 

  • We will film you during competition or training
  • Review your technique with your coach
  • Advise on how you may need to change your technique to improve (running, bike set up, kicking, tackle)


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Strength & Conditioning

K1 image

UC Rec & Sport are providing Strength & Conditioning support to:

  • UC Men’s and Women’s Premier teams (Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball and Basketball)
  • UC Sport Academy

UC Rec and Sport offer strength and conditioning internships to give students the opportunity to gain experience in the working environment. As part of the internship programme, you will integrate yourself into a club or program that suits you, where you will enhance your skills to become an independent, confident and robust coach.

As an intern, you will:

  • Gain access to K1, a private gym
  • Have and experienced and qualified coach at every session
  • Get individualised programs
  • Flexible work hours
  • The ability to test, monitor and get advice on improving sports performance

What can YOU learn?

  • You will be mentored by our Strength and Conditioning Coaches at UC
  • Program design for individuals and groups
  • How to interact with a diverse range of athletes to improve time management, communication, knowledge and understanding of how to coach.
  • Variety of different training methods
  • Testing and monitoring
  • Creating positive and influential relationships


“I studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Science at Otago Polytechnic. This diploma experience was an opportunity to work under a coach, that I'd been put in contact with through another sports scientist, that was looking to start a new high performance centre in Christchurch. 

The motivation to go ahead with this opportunity was that I saw value in the experience I would gain, as this could lead me to a paid part/full time job in a field that seldom pays well, and where unpaid internships are common.

What I love most about the UC Sports Academy is the range of athletes & their many different personal goals that they have. The supervisors are helpful and are always keen to help upcoming and passionate coaches, something that is rarely seen in high performance.

Doing an internship is beneficial if you see value in learning from quality people and being a part of a cool group that have an athlete centred mindset. I think it would also be beneficial for new, first time interns as the supervisors are inviting & always keen to lend a hand.”

– Daniel O’Brien (2021 Intern)

Now: Strength & Conditioning Coach at UC Rec & Sport

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PACE Internships

The PACE Internship Programme offers unique Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) courses which allow students to apply what they are learning during their degree to the real world. By completing a PACE Internship at UC, students work on a project with a local business or organisation while also earning academic course credits.

A PACE Internship is an ideal complement to a students core subject and will help them not only develop workplace skills, but also confidence in the applicability of their existing skills and attributes. Classroom work sitting alongside the internship gives students the opportunity to reflect upon their career development objectives.

Benefits of PACE Internship Programme

  • Improves employability
  • Put degree work into practice
  • Builds networks
  • Develops industry and business knowledge
  • Develops personal and professional skills


“I decided to complete an internship as I wanted to put my classroom learning into practice and gain experience before heading out into the professional working world. I took a PACE internship, with the College of Arts, where I was partnered with the fantastic team at UC Rec and Sport. During my time at UC Rec, I was the marketing and social media intern where I took on many projects around the centre to help the team with their marketing and online presence. One part that I loved about working here, is that my work was used as part of their marketing plan in 2021/2022. In other internships, you often are left to do small jobs, but working at UC Rec and Sport, I knew that my work and knowledge was valued and appreciated. I have learnt so much at my time at UC Rec and Sport and created a great network of people that have helped me gain the confidence to go out into the world and pursue a career that I am passionate about.”

– Enya Engelbrecht (2021 Intern)

Now: Working with UC marketing for a 2021 summer position

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Wellbeing | Oranga

Wellbeing HUB

UC Rec & Sport are open to other internships supporting welbeing and health

Areas of interest are, but not limited to:

  • Health Promotion
  • Health Education
  • Public Health
  • Psychology (general population or sport)
  • Active Recreation 

If you are interested in any of the above categories please contact, for an initial chat. 

OR fill out the form in the link below and we will contact you 

Student wellbeing Intern

In 2021, the opportunity presented itself to intern at the University of Canterbury, working directly with the UC Wellness team. The internship was designed for me to practically apply the learning and theory from the BHSc degree, specifically Health Promotion. My role was to provide a student's perspective on how UC can create sustained engagement with their wellbeing resources. As someone who is genuinely passionate about wellbeing and seeing those around me flourish, this was an exciting project to be a part of. One of the best things about this internship was being part of a great team of staff, who all share the same vision for enhancing wellbeing among students. I really enjoyed the experience and I value the growth I’ve had, both personally and professionally for future career opportunities.


Isabella Stringer 2021 Wellness Intern

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