Gym Hosts - Volunteering with UC Rec & Sport


Gym Hosts help Rec & Sport staff to create a friendly and dynamic environment for students to exercise and develop social bonds and friendships. Gym Hosts promote fitness programmes and activities to students and assist with the management and safety of the RecCentre.

Participating as a Gym Host will help you gain some of the valuable skills and attributes employers look for in students and graduates.

Volunteering your time as a Gym Host is a great way to show potential employers how you have been involved beyond study. 

How to apply:

  1. Expression of Interest - Email our Fitness, Facilities & Systems Team Leader your current CV and a cover letter detailing why you would like to become a Gym Host.
  2. Come in for a Chat -  We will schedule a time with you to have a chat about potential opportunities, and if you are ready we will complete the required paperwork, and schedule you onto a volunteer calendar roster.
  3. Get Started! - Attend your rostered shifts, volunteer your time and learn and develop new skills.

We usually roster volunteers onto shifts with our Fitness Consultants during peak busy shifts (i.e. evenings). You can expect to complete 2-hour shifts weekly, up to 6-weeks at a time.

Volunteer with UC Rec & Sport

Become a Gym Host with the UC Rec & Sport Whānau.