COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response 

Last updated 29/03/2020 7.30pm 

Kia ora koutou

  • Following advice from the NZ Government for Alert Level 4 the UC RecCentre is currently closed.  
  • At this time, we are unable to confirm exactly when the facilities will reopen, due to the changing nature of this pandemic.
  • We would like to reassure you that we will be monitoring the situation closely over the coming weeks.  We will share any updates through our website, social media channels and direct to your inbox if you are a member. 

New Processes and Procedures as of Sunday 29 March, 2020

  • The RecCentre and Ilam Fields are CLOSED 
  • Group fitness programme delivered online via youtube and facebook livestream 
  • Timetable is scheduled on our website and in-app 
  • Fitness workouts will be posted in-app and online on our youtube page 
  • Memberships:  All memberships will be put on hold, and reactivated with no time lost when we re-open.  
  • Skype Consultations with Fitness Consultants are now available - see below for more info 

 Please see our services updates section below for specific information on the service area you are interested in.

Service Updates

Membership Refunds & Holds

  • Staff, Alumni, Affiliate, Community and non-uc student members - we will put your memberships on hold as of 22 March, 2020.   Once we know our reopening date, we will apply any remaining time you had on your membership.  You won't lose any membership.
  • Normal refund terms apply  



The RecCentre and Ilam Fields are now closed for at least four weeks, commencing 23 March, 2020. 

Fitness Consultation Services 

  • In centre consultations have been temporarily suspended
  • We will be in contact with anyone who has a service or package booked to discuss your options 
  • This will allow our team to redirect their energy to monitoring, cleaning & updating the app and youtube app with workout ideas for all 

Skype Consultations 

  • 60min Skype SteerMe consultations are now available 
  • Includes a health screen, personalised programme and 30min follow up 1 week later 
  • Ideal for those with injuries or medical conditions, where following our online workouts is difficult or not possible 
  • Currently a free service
  • To make an online appointment, email who will connect you with a consultant 


Group Fitness

  • All previously scheduled Group Fitness classes are now cancelled.
  • We will be uploading classes to our YouTube channel regularly, shared via facebook also
  • Please keep checking the LIVE Group fitness timetable online or via the UC Rec&Sport app. The timetable will be changing regularly as we continue to adapt to the changes going on around us. 
  • Classes are between 30-45mins in length


  • Livestreams are scheduled for Facebook.  Check our live timetable online, or via the app
  • Previous live-streamed classes are saved and able to be viewed at any time on our Youtube channel,
  • Download the Rec & Sport app for an easy link through to our Youtube channel, or find it on our facebook page 
  • We will film bodyweight classes initially, and then a few with equipment to cater for those who have their own set up 
  • Sorry, Zumba not yet available due to licensing arrangements.  We're working on it, and hope to have this available for livestream only soon.
  • In the meantime, look for our Dancing and HipHop classes on the schedule

Small Group Training 

  • All Small Group Training courses have been cancelled. 
  • Members have been contacted via email. If you did not receive one, please email
  • Credits will be applied to affected individuals accounts to recognise the two weeks of SGT that have been cancelled. This credit is valid for any RecCentre product or service for 12months. 


Social Sport Leagues 

  • ALL social sport leagues have been cancelled effective immediately, in line with the relevant Regional & National Sport Organisations
  • Pro rata refunds or credit will be issued to all teams who have already paid 
  • A reduced team fee (pro rata basis) will be arranged for those teams who have not yet paid


Casual Play and Drop In Sport 

  • The facility is closed.  All sport has been suspended. 


Club Sport

  • Following recommendations from National and Regional Sport Organisations a number of changes have been made to community club sport competitions. Key changes are outlined below. 
  • Please contact your club coach or manager for further details regarding impacts on your club team, and training details 
  • Further information will be updated as it is released from RSOs and NSOs




Summer season cancelled from 18/3/2020


Winter season postponed until 2/5/2020


Winter season postponed until 2/5/2020


Winter season postponed until 2/5/2020


Senior Winter season postponed until 18/4/2020


Summer season cancelled from 18/3/2020


Winter season suspended until further notice 

A number of changes have been made to upcoming UTSNZ Championship events. 

  • Rowing - Cancelled
  • Futsal - Postponed (to be reviewed April/May)
  • Basketball 3x3 - Postponed (to be reviewed April/May)
  • Hockey 5's - Postponed (to be reviewed 2nd May)
  • Volleyball - No Change
  • Ultimate - No Change
  • Badminton - No Change
  • Table Tennis - No Change
  • Basketball - No Change
  • Netball - No Change

Sport Academy

  • The K1 facility is closed.
  • The Sports Academy will continue with home based programming. Members should check their emails for further details.
  • Club Sport home based strength and conditioning services will be negotiated and agreed upon with club coaches and the Athlete Development Coordinator (if you have any questions or queries please email
  • At home programs can be set for all athletes in the Sports Academy and Club Sport Teams 


  • All services have been temporarily suspended


Keep moving to stay healthy

  • It's really important that you continue moving during this time.  Exercise helps with reducing stress, improving health and strengthening the immune system.     
  • BUT KNOW WHEN TO STOP!  If you are feeling unwell, you should take a break from heavy exercise and, if necessary, speak to your healthcare professional if you have symptoms that include fever, cough and difficulty breathing.  You can ring the 24/7 National Healthline Service on 0800 358 5453

Personal Responsibility while exercising at home

Here are some steps you can take as an individual while exercising at home, to keep yourself and everyone else you live with safe:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20secs.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow if you don't have a tissue, and throw any used tissues into the bin immediately
  • Use a towel during your workout to provide an extra barrier between you and the surfaces you touch                                                             
  • Wipe down any equipment you use at home before and after use.  
  • Try to exercise in your back yard, outside in the fresh air and maintain a safe distance from others  

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please email the Rec & Sport Manager.

Kat Henderson

Sport and Recreation Manager
Recreation Centre 101C
Internal Phone: 95082