COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Alert Level 1 

Last updated 25/06/2020 7.30pm 

Kia ora koutou 

Our services have largely returned to normal with a few exceptions:

  • Opening hours have been reduced
  • Continuation of the app based booking system (modified) on a trial basis, until 12th July.
  • Bookings essential for all group fitness classes
  • Bookings essential for fitness centre, identified peak times. 

Please see the sections below for more information.

Service Updates

Casual Visitors & New  Memberships 

  • Casual visitors and new members are welcome

Membership Refunds & Holds

  • Staff, Alumni, Affiliate, Community and non-uc student members - your memberships are on hold as of 22 March, 2020.  
  • Memberships will remain on hold until Sunday 21st June, 2020 but you can still come to the gym.
  • Memberships will restart on Monday 22nd June, 2020, unless you contact us to make arrangements to remain on hold.

Options (in brief)

  • Members have been sent an email on Friday 12th June, to the address you have provided us at sign-up, detailing the options available to you from 22nd June, and the actions you need to take (if any). 


  • Option 1:  Reactivate on 22nd June
    We'll extend your expiry date by 2months (for the L3/L4 closure), plus a further month to reflect the reduction in services/hours going forward.  The five weeks access during Level 2 until 22nd June is on us.    Do nothing, this is automatically applied. 


  • Option 2:  Keep your membership on hold a bit longer.  
    You won't be able to access the RecCentre while it is on hold.   No fees apply, and it won't count as one of your 'holds'.  When you decide to return, you'll receive the same benefits as in Option 1.  Please email by Wednesday 17th June, 2020 and let us know how long you'd like to keep it on hold for.  


  • Option 3:  Terminate your membership.  We'd be sad to see you go, but we understand you might want to at this time, no questions asked.   Please email by Wednesday22nd July, 2020.  
    This will give you a month to try our our new normal, and determine if it's right for you.   We will calculate a pro-rata refund, from the date you email us to ask to cancel your membership.  We will also waive the usual $30 early cancellation fee. 


  • Monday to Friday, 6am - 9pm 
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 5pm 


Fitness Consultation Services 

RecCentre Fitness Centre (the main weights area)

  • Members have provided feedback on how great it was to train in the fitness centre with less people.  We've also heard from you, that more flexibility was needed for start and duration times.  
  • For a trial basis (tentatively until July 12th), we will retain a modified booking system, to see if we can manage the fitness centre capacity to make it a faster and more pleasant experience, whilst still allowing more flexibility.   
  • Bookings will be essential for peak time slots - these will appear on your app
  • We won't be clearing the building, so if you arrive a bit late or early, you can come in and get cracking - it will help everyone if you aim to arrive within 15mins (either side) of your booking time 
  • The booking is for the Fitness Centre only, but you can go anywhere else you like.
  • If you don't want the fitness centre (ie you're just here for hoops, squash or boxing room etc) you don't need a booking. 
  • Outside of peak times, you won't need a booking. 
  • We're now capping the bookings at 60.  So, if you stay a little longer than an hour, there will be some cross over with the next group.   
  • This capacity will be tweaked and updated in the app, based on observation and feedback from you, so please speak up! 



First up, this app based booking system is a trial, with an expected end date no later than 12th July, 2020.

  • We will take your feedback on board, in addition to our own observations, and make tweaks to the design as we go 
  • Hopefully, we'll land on a system that works for both camps 
  • We've made changes to the booking parameters, outlined below.  

How does it work  (Remember, this is for the Fitness Centre space only) 

  • Peak Time booking essential.  These are viewable in the app
  • The bookings show as 2hours, but we won't be monitoring how long you've stayed or clear the building.  
  • A solid workout, when equipment is available, shouldn't take more than that, and will likely be completed in around 75mins. 
  • If you want to use other areas, but not the fitness centre (eg hoops, squash, funzone, mezz, boxing), no booking is required. 
  • We've allowed 60 people per booking slot 
  • We encourage you to arrive within 15mins either side of your booking to help with this, but again, we won't be denying you access 
  • Our Fitness Consult team will monitor the space for capacity.  
  • If it starts looking too full, the team may ask to see your booking on your app, or can check that you have booked in.  If you haven't, and it's too full, we will ask you to use another part of the building. 
  • Please check in with a staff member, as the three strike rule will still apply.  You can ask a Customer Experience or Fitness Consultant team member to do this for you.   

How to book

  • Open your Rec&Sport app, and select the class timetable tile 
  • Select the date you wish to book in, and the timeslot 
  • Select the 'book' button.  You're in. You can choose to add it to your calendar so you dont' forget. 
  • If the session time is full, you can be added to the waitlist.  If someone cancels their booking, you'll be sent a notification of an available spot - first in, first served!
  • Bookings are available 5 days in advance, and you'll be able to have unlimited bookings. 


  • If you 'no show', our system will record ONE strike/penalty against your account.  
  • If you reach THREE strikes/penalties, within 2 weeks, your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to make a booking via the app 
  • This restriction will last for 2 weeks, from your last strike, after which your slate is wiped clean
  • You can still use the gym during this two week period, but you'll need to ask a staff member to add you, on arrival 
  • If there isn't space available, you won't be able to use the fitness centre
  • You will get two notifications from your app reminding you of your session.   If you fail to check-in with us, you'll be sent a notification of your penalty/strike, and how many you're on.   
  • This system is in place to help manage numbers and improve your experience.  We will be monitoring the space, so please check in with a staff member on arrival (either at reception or in the gym) to make sure you've checked off as arrived. 
  • Hot tip - you'll be able to cancel your booking in the app, right up until the booking start time. 

How to enter the building and do your workout

  • Scan your card at reception at the barcode scanner as usual 
  • If you've booked in for a fitness centre peak time slot, please ensure you get checked in by a staff member (Customer Experience or Fitness team)



  • BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL via the Rec&Sport app. 
  • We will continue to livestream some of these classes from the gymnasium, so if you miss out, you can still join in. 
  • Please see  the 'Book a Group Fitness Class' section below 
  • Please keep checking the LIVE Group fitness timetable online or via the UC Rec&Sport app.


Small Group Training 

  • SGT will be available in Semester Two.  Registrations being taken from Monday 29th June. 
  • Credits will be applied to affected individuals accounts to recognise the two weeks of SGT that were cancelled in Term 1. This credit is valid for any RecCentre service for 12months. 


App based booking system trial to continue

  • We've received quite a bit of feedback from our members requesting that we keep the booking system for group fitness classes. 
  • People have liked the accountability, knowing there will be a space, and that it won't be cramped  
  • On the flip side, others are a bit more spontaneous or have other commitments keeping them from attending 
  • Our GF instructors have enjoyed learning your names - it's helped us to begin to remember them all! 

With that in mind, we're looking to continue the booking system on a trial basis, with some modifications to the parameters, to see if we can find a workable solution for all.  We will trial this system until no later than 12 July, 2020, seeking your feedback and making adjustments as we go. 

Here are the changes that will provide more flexiblity, but keep the benefits of booking:

  • No limit on the number of classes you can book a day 
  • No limit on how many bookings you can make
  • You can cancel almost right up to start time (15mins beforehand)
  • Capacity is lifted in all classes, almost back to normal levels.  We've reduced some based on feedback they were too full before
  • Casuals can be booked in by our group fitness team on arrival

This means:

  • If you don't want to commit to a class, you can check the app right before you need to make that decision, and see how full it is.  If the class is full then you've just saved yourself a trip.  If it's got space, just book yourself in and walk over. 
  • You have to option to commit to a class, and plan your week/day, but if stuff comes up, you can cancel with no penalty up to 15mins prior.  Easy. 

Zone Classes (Spin, Fit50, YogaRestore)

  • Book via the app, just the same 
  • Pay for your class at reception, just the same, collecting your token and towel
  • Get checked-in at your class by the instructor, just the same 

All other classes (Gymnasium and Sportshall) 

  • Book via the app, just the same 
  • Arrive at class and take a spot (no floor markings, but for comfort, try to keep a nice distance)
  • The instructor (or helper!) will come round and check you in before class 
  • If you're unavoidably late, make sure you see the instructor after class, and they will check you in. 

How to book

  • Open your Rec&Sport app, and select the class timetable tile 
  • Select the day and timelsot you'd like (it will show you how many spaces are available)
  • Select the 'book' button.  You're in. You can choose to add it to your calendar so you dont' forget. 
  • Sessions are being made available to book 5 days in advance.  
  • Try not to be late.  It is discourteous to other participants and the instructor, plus you miss out on pre-class briefing and banter 
  • If you are unavoidably late, just make sure you see the instructor before you leave, so we can check you in (and avoid a strike!)
  • If you can no longer make it, go into the app and delete your booking as soon as you know 

Are there penalties if I don't turn up without cancelling

  • YES!  We have limited spaces, so we need your help to make sure everyone has a fair chance at working out. 
  • If you fail to turn up, or you are late, you will receive one strike.  
  • If you reach 3 strikes, we will block your ability to make future bookings for 2 weeks. 
  • This would mean you'll have to take your chances at the gym and hope there is a spot available (a bit like our free court hire rules)


Social Sport Leagues 

Drop-in Sport

UTSNZ & Run Canterbury 

  • Run Canterbury commences in Semester 2
  • UTSNZ Badminton & Ultimate events may proceed.  
  • Please contact Gary Gin for more information 

Club Sport 

Sport Academy 

Sport Science Testing 

  • Our full range of sport science testing is now available
  • Please contact Stacey Niao for more information


  • All casuals, visitors and members are required to scan or sign in, as per our normal conditions of entry 
  • This is to meet our usual health & safety requirements 
  • Government Contact Tracing QR codes are available, should you wish to record your own movements 

Download now!

  • It is vital that you download the UC Rec&Sport app. 
  • Please ensure you use the email you signed up for your membership account with
  • Your new app account can take up to 24hours to connect to your RecCentre account 
  • You can only start to make bookings (or assign yourself a workout) once this connection is completed.
  • If it hasn't happened, you'll get a message telling you 'your membership doesn't allow you to do this' , try again later.
  • If you are still getting this message 24hours later, give us a call. 

 Booking System Trial 

  • Bookings for the Fitness Centre (main weights area) are essential for peak times (trial basis).  See more info here. 
  • Bookings are essential for Group Fitness Classes  See more info here
  • If your phone does not support the app, please contact or phone 364 2433 and one of our Customer Experience team will assist you to make a booking over the phone  

Contact us with your feedback 

  • Our services have now largely returned to normal
  • A bigger group fitness timetable will return on Monday 13th July, 2020. 
  • We encourage your feedback and suggestions, email our Rec & Sport Manager, or any staff member you come across 

Kat Henderson

Sport and Recreation Manager
Recreation Centre 101C
Internal Phone: 95082