UC Student RecCentre Memberships

Student membership signup URC

As a UC Student, your student levy funds a RecCentre membership for you to use to stay healthy and active while studying.    It’s a three step process, so make sure you complete all the steps!

 1. Create a RecCentre account

We need you to create an account with us, within our membership software system.  This is separate to the University system, so you’ll need to enter your personal details (including the email you’d like notifications sent to), and a password.

2. “Purchase” a membership for 2018

Don’t worry, there’s no cost, but we need to attach a membership to your account.  You’ll need to tell us if you’re Postgrad or Undergrad, and then add the membership to your ‘basket’.  Think of it like online shopping, but for your gym membership.  

3. Have your Student ID card activated and your photo taken

For this part, you’ll need to head to the RecCentre in person.   We’ll take a photo of you, attach it to your gym membership file in our membership software, and activate your card so you can access the gym through the turnstiles. 


Thanks for your patience – it will be worth it in the end!

We thank you for your patience, it’s not easy processing up to 1500 memberships in a single week (many gyms do that in a whole year!), and it’s never fun to stand in lines!  The good news is that it’ll be much faster for you in 2019 (yes, you have to register for a new membership every year).  You’ll be able to just skip to step 2 and only part of step 3 (we won’t need to take your photo again).

As the dust settles, we will also be rolling out other features of the software.  You’ll eventually be able to book online for squash courts, StartMe sessions and so forth.  You’ll be able to see your activity at the gym, via your own account portal.  

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