UCMe - Remington, History, University of Canterbury, NZ
Remington Evans


Remington Arts

What are you studying for your BA?

History and Education. I enjoyed History in high school and I’m studying Education because I want to become a teacher. I want to give back all the knowledge I’ve taken in.

How have you found uni compared to high school?

I’ve actually found university easier than high school! At uni your studies are much more focused and you spend your time studying the subjects you’re interested in.

You have a learning disability, how has that impacted your uni experience?

I have dyslexia and auditory processing disorder, so I can easily misunderstand things. UC’s Equity and Disability Centre has been a huge help. They get me access to lecture notes before the lecture, so I can read through at my own pace instead of trying to keep up in class.

What difference has that support made for you?

It’s been huge. I didn’t actually get diagnosed until halfway through my first year at UC. In my first semester I really struggled and barely passed. I got referred to the Equity and Disability Centre and went through a whole diagnosis process. That’s made a huge difference for me because now I can get the support I need.

Any advice for someone else who might be struggling?

Definitely go and talk to your lecturers. At the beginning of every semester I email all my lecturers and explain that I’m dyslexic. They’re always more than happy to see me if I pop in for extra help. I used to be quite shy and reluctant to approach people, but this whole experience has been a massive confidence booster for me.

"I can reach out to people with confidence and I know the help will be there when I need it."

Now that you’re settled, what are you enjoying most about your studies?

The highlight for me has been how enthusiastic the lecturers are. Their passion grabs my attention and I know they’ll be happy to give me extra help if I need it. I’ve loved expanding my knowledge base.

How did you feel when you started at UC, and how do you feel now?

I was terrified when I started! At school they made it sound like uni would be really hard. Now I’m so much more comfortable. I can reach out to people with confidence and I know the help will be there when I need it.