UCMe - Maihani, Computer Science, University of Canterbury, NZ
Maihani Masdi


Maihani Computer Science

How have you enjoyed UC so far?

It’s been lovely. The students and lecturers have been very friendly and helpful. The buildings are nice and very comfortable, and the campus is easy to get around because it’s so centralised. You never have to walk too far to get anywhere.

What inspired you to take coding and computers?

I’ve loved using computers since I was young. I really enjoy coding because it requires you to think in a variety of ways. There’s always more than one path to arrive at a solution. Coding develops your creativity, as well as your patience because you don’t always get it right the first time!

What interesting things have you coded so far?

Last semester I had an assignment to create a farming game where players have to buy animals and plant crops. We had to do the coding behind the game and create the interface. It was a simple game but a very interesting way to learn the process.

Tell us about the clubs you’re in!

I’ve joined the Canterbury Malaysian Students Association (CMSA). I’ve also joined the Gamelan club, where we perform traditional Balinese music. I’ve been in the club for two years and done about six or seven performances. They actually offer Gamelan as a minor subject at UC so I did that too!

What do you enjoy about being part of those clubs?

I love performing and they’ve been a great way to make friends. I also joined the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. They have amazing mentors there who teach you a lot about business and help you with promoting your club’s events. It’s so cool, I really enjoy it.

"Coding develops your creativity, as well as your patience because you don’t always get it right the first time!"

You’ve also done some volunteering with the Student Volunteer Army?

Yes, I’ve done the Big Give twice. The first year we planted trees and the second year we helped create a mountain bike path. I really enjoy volunteering. SVA events are always awesome. A lot of people participate and it’s a great way to meet new people.

How would you describe the student culture at UC?

Very diverse! I have a lot of friends of different ethnicities and backgrounds. People are very open and friendly. I’m Muslim and everyone accepts me. I feel very welcome at UC.