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Julie Grenfell


Julie Business, Arts & Teaching

What’s your favourite thing about studying at UC?

Definitely the lecturers, they make the courses really fun. When I studied Japanese, my lecturer created ‘world cafés’ where we would video chat with students in Japan. I’ve found the lecturers at UC to be really supportive and down to earth.

It sounds like you’ve taken quite a variety of papers over the years!

My studies have been hugely flexible, which is another thing I’ve loved about UC. For my commerce degree the approach was basically ‘study whatever interests you’. Having that flexibility has given me a breadth of knowledge, and so much of what I’ve learned applies to real life situations.

You’ve also been president of the Japanese Society – tell us more!

JSoc was created as a way for students to mingle outside of classes. We have tons of fun events like language exchange, games nights and picnics. Last year we managed to create a fully paid, five-week internship to Japan. As president, I’ve used a lot of the skills I learned in my commerce papers. It’s been great working with my exec to build up the club.

Speaking of global experiences, you also went on the MGMT228 study tour to China?

Yes, I spent five weeks in China with 25 other students. For the first three weeks we went to a university in Hangzhou where we learned about language and culture. For the last two weeks, we visited New Zealand businesses who have headquarters in Shanghai and Beijing.

"At UC I’ve found my niche, thanks to the flexibility and range of opportunities on offer."

What did you learn from the kiwis doing business over there?

They showed us how marketing works in China and how they’ve had to adapt their products to cater to the Chinese market. A lot of the people we met had completed their studies at UC themselves. It was really impressive to see just how far your degree can take you!

Favourite highlight of that trip?

The Great Wall of China – it was such a sight to see. You hear so much about it, so to be there in person with all the new friends I’d made on the trip was an incredible experience.

How have you flourished at UC?

At UC I’ve found my niche, thanks to the flexibility and range of opportunities on offer. I’ve been able to try different things, meet different people and discover what I’m truly interested in and good at.