UCMe - Georgina, Business, University of Canterbury, NZ
Georgina Dibble


Georgina Business

You’re from Auckland – what made you choose UC?

I wanted to leave home and get that whole university experience. I came down for an open day and found the atmosphere really warm and welcoming, so I thought it would be a good fit. I didn’t know anyone else coming to UC, so moving into the halls was a perfect choice. I met lots of new people and it set the scene for a really well-rounded uni experience.

Tell us about some of the travel you’ve done with your commerce degree!

I’ve been so lucky. In my first year I got to go to Thailand as part of an internship program. It was amazing to experience a working culture outside of Aotearoa New Zealand. In second year I got to go to China. We spent three weeks at a university, then two weeks visiting Aotearoa New Zealand businesses operating in Beijing and Shanghai. We also got to go to the Great Wall and all those fun sorts of things.

What did you take away from those experiences?

They definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of working overseas. I got insight into so many different cultures and working styles which is helpful for working in New Zealand too. It was really cool getting to meet so many different people and the connections I made led to so many opportunities once I got back.

"I didn’t know anyone else coming to UC, so moving into the halls was a perfect choice."

What have you been up to here on campus?

I’ve been events director for The Investment Society, equity and wellbeing representative for UCSA, and in 2021 I’m the UCSA Vice President. These roles have been a great way to immerse myself in the university experience. UC is about so much more than academics. You get so much personal development out of getting involved.

So you’d recommend joining clubs and execs?

100%. I think you almost haven’t had the full UC experience if you haven’t had some involvement in the clubs scene. It’s a really special part of UC that many other universities don’t have.

How do you feel for having come down to UC?

I honestly could not be happier. I absolutely love it. I definitely wasn’t done with only a three-year degree. I can’t wait to do my masters next!