Derrick. Computer Engineering.

What’s been your most memorable experience so far at UC?

It would have to be getting elected to the UCSA to represent a whole body of students. I’m the international rep, which suits me perfectly because I love to meet everyone from all walks of life. I'm stoked, grateful and really excited to do a good job.

What else have you been involved in, leadership-wise?

I've been a student leader for Go Canterbury. It's an orientation programme where we take people out and about in Christchurch, and help them get up to speed with academics, flatting, CVs and all aspects of uni life. That's been amazing in terms of all the personal relationships I've formed. I've loved having the chance to be a part of other people's growth.

You’ve been to China as well? Tell us more!

I got to study at Peking University as an international student for two weeks. It really solidified my love for visiting places that are completely out of my comfort zone. I also had a week to explore the city and culture. My China trip has made me want to try every other international opportunity that I can at UC!

Is UC a good uni for people interested in travel?

Absolutely. There’s the Study Abroad office which has amazing travel opportunities for student to apply to such as France, Korea, South America, China… and they are quite easily accessible too.

"I’ve taken a ‘Yes Theory’ attitude to being a student here, and it has taken me places I would have never imagined."

Have you been free to dabble in different study and interest areas?

I have. Engineering can be quite prescriptive but you can still find a good balance here. I love computers and technology, but I also love being a leader, being social, travelling and trying different papers. Here, I feel like I can do all of that.

How would you sum up UC?

UC is truly the university of opportunities. It provides such a diverse range of activities, events and people that anybody can feel at home. It doesn't matter what you do, you're going to make friends. I’ve taken a ‘Yes Theory’ attitude to being a student here, and it has taken me places I would have never imagined.

How do you feel for having come to UC?

I nearly stayed in Auckland to save money, but I'm eternally grateful that I chose to come down to UC. The experiences I’ve gained, the people I've met – I don't think I would have been able to achieve those things anywhere else.