UCMe - Annabel - Law and Arts, University of Canterbury, NZ
Annabel Jones


Annabel Law and Arts

Why did you choose UC?

I was really attracted to the attitude here – everyone’s up for adventure. I loved the way it’s so easy to get to the hills, mountains and beaches. I’m an outdoorsy person and I knew the relaxed, friendly vibe would be the right fit for me.

Has it lived up to your expectations?

Definitely, I’m loving every minute! The overall culture is incredibly inclusive and welcoming. The campus is beautiful, the staff are supportive and the students out there doing cool things. I really like being around motivated people!

Speaking of motivation, tell us about being on the exec for the UC Eco Club / Te Ohu Kākāriki!

Te Ohu Kākāriki is about promoting environmentally friendly practices throughout the uni. I’m on the exec with a bunch of friends. Last year we introduced something called “plogging”, which is where people run around and pick up rubbish. It’s been a fun way to do something for the environment while meeting other like-minded individuals.

What do the clubs add to the UC student experience?

They make it easy to find your niche. There’s such a broad range of clubs, I’ve joined six or seven just out of curiosity! From slacklining to op shopping, to languages and academics, they represent people from all different backgrounds and interests. You don’t meet many people who aren’t involved in at least one club!

Have you found Christchurch an easy place to live?

Yes, I did my first year at Rochester and Rutherford Hall and since then I’ve been flatting. At UC the flatting area and uni are all one hub so my friends all live within a few k’s of each other. We often bump into each other walking to uni in the morning, it’s really cool!

"I’ve loved meeting so many outdoorsy people at uni. From mountain biking to skiing to running, we go on loads of adventures together."

You’re a keen Adventure Racer - has Canterbury been a good place for that?

Christchurch has made for an awesome training ground and I’ve encouraged numerous friends from UC into the sport. I’ve loved meeting so many outdoorsy people at uni. From mountain biking to skiing to running, we go on loads of adventures together.

Any tips for newbies?

Put yourself out there as much as you can, right from the start. If you’re not sure what you want to do, join some clubs. You’ll meet a huge range of people and there’s a place for everyone. You won’t regret it!