Bachelor of Engineering with Honours.

What's Mechatronics?

It's a degree that combines software, electrical and mechanical engineering. It has a focus on future things like robotics.

Sounds cutting edge!

Right now we’re learning about loads of new technologies in our labs. Later this year there’s a competition called RoboCup which I’m looking forward to. We get put into teams to create robots and then they all compete against each other.

You've been on an internship too?

Yep, I did a summer internship at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare working on assistive medical devices. I was on the operations team so I learned how everything was made on the production line. I got to help test devices and produce models. It was really interesting.

Highlight of that experience?

I got to work on machines I hadn't used before. I used a water jet cutter which is one of the coolest machines ever! It's got enough pressure to cut 50 mm steel. I also talked to so many people and gained a lot of knowledge from my peers. It was a great opportunity to get insights for my time ahead.

What else have you been up to at UC?

Sport is another huge passion of mine. I'm currently on the UC Under 23 A-team for basketball. I'm also doing rowing. The University Games are coming up for rowing in April so I'm training for that.

"I get a real sense of pride when I put on the UC maroon and black before a game or event."

Are you able to manage study and sport pretty well?

I have to be very diligent about how I spend my time. I've got a wall planner that has my whole life mapped out. I still manage to find some time for fun too!

How does it feel to represent UC?

It's awesome. I get a real sense of pride when I put on the UC maroon and black before a game or event. It gets me fired up and I know it does the same to my teammates.

What does UC represent to you?

Friends and teamwork. You meet so many people here. For our projects we’re always in groups. Working collaboratively pushes everyone to do better. That's how it is in sport, and that's how it is in study too.