Bachelor of Science.

Ski much?

Ha, I did! In first year I had a lecture on Wednesday morning and afterwards we would often go skiing. It's incredible that you can literally go to class and the mountains in the same day.

Sounds unreal!

At UC there are so many awesome outdoors spaces you can get to. You need that balance. You go up to the mountains to let off some steam and you come back so much more refreshed and focused for your study.

What’s your study specialty?

I’m doing a blend of computer science and philosophy. I find them both really creative with a lot of raw problem-solving. I’m stimulated by thinking and asking questions. It’s led me to explore the field of artificial intelligence.

Wow, tell us about AI.

The aim of AI is to design machines to simulate intelligent behavior. That leads to a ton of questions! There are loads of technical, political, philosophical and social issues that arise. It's fascinating.

Best thing about your study?

My lecturers – they’re world experts – and the small class sizes. It's incredible that in this little city at bottom of the world I get to speak one-on-one with these amazing people. You get to bounce ideas off them and ask questions. It's a truly engaging way to learn.

"It's incredible that you can literally go to class and the mountains in the same day."

What else have you been up to?

I started a discussion group when I lived at College Hall. We invited speakers in to give a short presentation followed by a fireside chat in the common room. We had all sorts of experts join us. It's amazing, you just ask and they come! It was really rewarding to see the excitement in people's eyes as they were talking to these people.

UC is…

A community. It feels like a place where you really belong as opposed to somewhere you just walk in and go home again.

UC gives you…

Academic stimulation, fantastic discussions and the great outdoors. It fits all the different parts of myself. UC has offered a path of self-discovery for me. I've learned who I am and I've been free to be that person.